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Feb 14, 2013 01:32 PM

Berlin itinerary review & help filling gaps

I’m arriving in Berlin on a Sunday morning and leaving Wednesday night. Primarily this trip is for work, but will have a lot of free time. Will be with a friend from work, both of us live in Brooklyn and are adventurous eater. Have done some research so would love thoughts on choices, but still need some help filling in some gaps. Do you agree with the choices, or have any other input?

Sunday Brunch: Arriving TXL @ 10:00am, will drop bags at hotel and go out. Thinking one of these 3
- Anna Blume
- Café Morgenland
- 3 Minutes
Now I understand they are all over the place location-wise, but we have no plans for Sunday during the day and will happily take venture out. Or, steer me in another direction?

Sunday Night
Either Renger Patzsch or Noto. Have emailed both about a reservation. Thoughts?

Monday Night
Dinner is being planned by my colleagues, no idea where we are going yet

Tuesday Night
Katz Orange

Maybe thinking Turkish, is Hasir worth it, or is there another place?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Hi miss,

    Sounds like you've done your research :-)

    I haven't had brunch at 3 minutes, so I can't say anything about it. The brunch at Morgenland is pretty awesome, but try to make a reservation (if they take any, that is) -- it gets very crowded, and since there will be no outdoor seating, you might have trouble getting a table.

    That said, if you show up later in the day, say, 1 or 2 pm, it might be a little emptier.

    I'd recommend RP over Noto, but it might depend on where your hotel is located.

    Also, Les Valseuses is the hottest thing in town right now: a great French bistro with fabulous food at incredibly budget-friendly prices.

    Katz.... well, you're gonna have to get the pork. Ain't no way around it :-)

    Hasir as a sit-down place, IMNSHO, is not worth it. If you want to grab a döner kebab (I recommend the dürüm döner), they make a mean one. But the food is overpriced, the service not great. For Turkish homestyle cooking, head over to Mercan on Wiener Str.

    Osmanya gets great reviews, but is located in Moabit. You'd have to get off the subway at Birkenstrasse and hoof it a bit.

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    1. re: linguafood

      thanks for the Les Valseuses tip, looks really interesting. i'll see if i can get there Wednesday night before I leave.

      do you happen to know of any farmers markets that might be running on Sunday's? if possible, would like to peruse, buy some food stuffs for my hotel room. if possible that is -- (thinking something like The New Amsterdam Market

      Will report back on RP, Katz and where ever we end up with the dinner that's being booked

      1. re: miss_anthrope

        Hmm. I believe most farmer's markets (produce) are on Saturdays.

        However, there's the Turkish market on Maybachufer every Tue and Fri -- maybe that'll work for ya? Hope you're patient, that place drives me bonkers.

        1. re: linguafood

          Agreed that the Maybachufer market takes a bit of gusto, but I would recommend it as a nice excursion for a group of visitors. It can get really crazy in the summer and when the weather is especially nice, but with all the grey we've been experiencing I've found that lately it's been a little easier to get around. Plus the vendors on either end of the market tend to have the better offerings, so you don't have to make a big commitment slogging through the whole thing. The Kotbusser side has a really nice cheese vendor also. It's pretty pleasant to buy some cheese and bread and watch the ducks and swans...

      2. re: linguafood

        Just a bit to add on Hasir and Mercan.

        We were in Berlin last month and went to both. I do have to say that the quality of the food at Hasir is very high. Much tastier than Mercan. We did sit down and the lamb kebab was really one of the better ones I have ever had.

        That said, I also agree that Mercan is amazing value for money. If I lived in Berlin, I'd be at Mercan at least once a week. It is very much like being invited into a Turkish family's home. Generous servings. Honest food.

        I find it hard to compare the two places. I rather think they complement each other.

        1. re: r.vacapinta

          Which Hasir did you go to? I didn't mean to say that the food was bad, per se, I just always had really ratty service & thought the prices were a bit above at what one would pay at less popular Turkish restos in, say, Neukölln (or really, just across the river).

          I do love their dürüm döner. And I HAVE to get to Mercan this summer, for sure.

          1. re: linguafood

            We went to Hasir Kreuzberg on Adalbertstraße. Yes, the service was really lacklustre. And a bit over-priced. But tasty nonetheless.

            It might be worth adding a note to future readers about Mercan. It works a bit differently than most restaurants. As soon as you walk in there are anywhere from 5-15 plates of fresh cooked food on the left. You tell them what you want and then go find a table and wait for them to bring it to you. For a fixed price of 6 euros, you get to choose a dish as a Main. You also get a plate of rice, a side salad and a generous serving of bread. Very filling for 6 euros. (Drinks are extra)
            We learned its also best to come early (soon after 6pm for dinner) as they only make so much food and so the later you come the less choice you have (plus, the "best" dishes will disappear earlier)

            1. re: r.vacapinta

              Ah, good. Stay clear of their dependance in Mitte -- talk about a tourist trap.

              As for Mercan, yeah, it's all served family-style, which I think is really cool.

              The one time we wanted to try it we couldn't, as there were next to no vegetarian dishes available (and we had a veggie in tow... wah!).

              Soon, tho, for sure.

              Have you been to Osmanya in Moabit?