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Feb 14, 2013 01:25 PM

Best Chinese?

Any ideas on the best, serious (authentic) Chinese in Seattle, especially on the North side?

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  1. I think the best I've had in Seattle north of downtown is at Chiang's Gourmet on Lake City Way.

    1. My current favorite is Szechuan Garden in Lynnwood on 196th. Order off the Red Menu for the authentic dishes. One of the employees from Szechuan 99 struck out on her own with this place and it's even better than 99. Nicer digs, too.

      1. As mentioned, Chiang's, Szechwan Garden/Szechwan 99 are the places to check out on the north end. Perhaps also Yu Shan on Lake City Way. Lots of people seem to like Fu Man - I think they're OK.

        It's my opinion that Chiang's doesn't do a very good job with bun or dumpling-related items. They do a pretty decent job otherwise.