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Feb 14, 2013 12:53 PM

Should we do SeeWee Restaurant or The Wreck?

I've whittled it down to two choices. Should we go to SeeWee Restaurant in Awendaw or The Wreck in Mt.Pleasant for a local seafood fix? Hominy Grill for lunch. Then an early dinner at...... Or another fave? Thx

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  1. None of the above get my vote. Been to all three and not impressed enough to go back or recommend.

    1. I disagree. Both do great fried food. The variety of side is larger at Seewee (which might give it an edge) and they have homemade cakes and pies as well. Traffic getting out of Mt P could be annoying so take that into accout,

      The Wreck is on Shem Creek. The Mrs. Judy Too is the shrimp boat docked just in front of it. If you see people on the boat, speak to them and find out how to get them to load up your coller when the season starts.

      The Wreck is cash only so keep that in mind as well.

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        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          Most folks like Seewee, but we aren't impressed with what they offer. We tend to be in the minority in many of our opinions about local restaurants so we take the disagreements it in stride.

          Sue's opinion is on par with most.

          The Wreck just wasn't great, portions small, prices high, and the owner was a stick in the mud who didn't care if we enjoyed our visit much less our food.

          The traffic in Mount Pleasant is absolutely no problem. It's the lightest it's been in years.

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            Well, that's a relief! So the construction on 17 has been completed? I was horrendous last time I was there.

            1. re: danna

              They appear to be 85+% done. Probably 95% of the new lanes are open. I can get from the far reaches of northern Mount Pleasant all the way up by the high school to the Ravenel Bridge in about 20 minutes at most times during the day...made it in 15 minutes one day, but I only caught about 5 out of the 17 or so stoplights along the route. The bridge will back up during the afternoon rush hours, but by the time you reach the 2nd stop light (by Whole Foods) it clears up like there was no traffic at all. It really is a pleasure these days. Everyone around here talks about how bad the traffic is in MtP...but it's much worse in other parts of the greater Charleston area (and people from other "real" cities laugh that folks consider what we have around here "traffic"...LoL).

            2. re: JayL

              If I had to spend money at either Seewee or The Wreck, it would certainly be Seewee. The reason is simply because the owners are much nicer. I'd not visit the Wreck again even if someone else were buying. At Seewee the folks are genuine/real...even if the food isn't supurb. They were very close to closing their doors a year or so ago...I'd give them the business if I absolutely had to make the choice.

              1. re: JayL

                The owner of The Wreck has always treated me with a rare degree of courtesy and conversation. He personally thanked me for my patronage and remembered me by name when I returned seven months later. The portion sizes are in line with all coastal places I've been to in the Southeast that serve local as opposed to imported seafood. It's too bad local seafood costs as much as it does, but it's a tradeoff.

                After hearing that smattering of negative reviews over the years, I always go back and try to find ways in which their seafood is disappointing, but I always come away impressed.

          2. Thanks Sue. Always enjoyed your food thoughts. What's your fave in Murrells Inlet?

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            1. re: rockbound

              Aw. Thanks!

              I have to admit, I have very little Myrtle Beach experience. However, I have been to Chive Blossom a couple of times in the last year or so and enjoyed it very much. My buddy Miss LaLa knows more than I do-she lives up there. Maybe she will respond. Or you could try a new post.

              Report back after your trip and let us know which you chose.

              Edited to say I see now you did start a new post.

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Chive Blossom is in PI, just to clarify.

            2. I prefer see wee ..I enjoy eating there immensely. I lose the whole fish and oysters....I don't eat fried seafood too much, but always do here and lees inlet kitchen in Murrells inlet.

              I do like hominy grill...but for daytime dining. My youngest was in MUSC for a month so my husband and I would walk down to hominy grill to eat and get some air most days (the days we didn't, we stopped at see wee on the way home to Murrells inlet) . I enjoyed every meal I had there but my favorites were the big nasty, shrimp & grits, the fried chicken, ch pudding thing, and Carmel cake. I Had other delicious things but those off the top of my head.

              1. We loved the Wreck! Although the portions were small, the food was fantastic. We had fried shrimp,oysters and scallops-soooo good and not overly battered. It does look like an abandoned old boat house from the parking lot, but we sat on the porch next to a nice fire overlooking the creek. We will definately go back. The only caveat is they don't serve kid food, ie. chicken fingers.