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Feb 14, 2013 12:42 PM

Please Help Fill My Dining Itinerary

Will be in New Orleans next week. I've been there many times, but mostly in my childhood. It's been 10 years since I last visited as an adult. I have the following dining plans, but need some help filling in ideas for our family of 4. We are adventurous eaters and love some Cajun, Creole, and seafood. Our kids are 4 and 5 and are accustomed to eating in nice restaurants, but we wouldn't take them to a place where people don't expect children. We are staying in the Garden District.

This is what I have so far:

Thu. Feb. 21
We fly in late morning.
Lunch or Dinner at Luke, need
a rec for the other meal

Fri. Feb. 22
Visiting family in New Iberia, then
drive back to New Orleans that night

Sat. Feb. 23.
Probably Cafe Du Monde for breakfast
Need a lunch recommendation, possibly near zoo or aquarium
We have dinner reservations at Copeland's Cheesecake Factory.

Sun. Feb. 24
Husband is running the marathon in the morning.
Need a lunch place.
Afternoon taking the kids to watch cruise ships coming in
and out of the port (if there is a convenient place to do that).
Need a dinner place.

Mon. Feb. 25
Need an early-ish breakfast place
before we fly out.


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  1. Could you advise your budget?
    I'm guessing with the kids you might like to "reasonable" in your costs.
    Besides Luke try Dominica, just down the street a bit. Good for you and the kids.

    Near the zoo would be all the places on Magazine Street, most of them pretty good and from po-boys to Vietnamese to white table cloth places.

    I don't know if the Riverwalk balconys are open while they rebuild the shopping area as this is the best viewing point. There are a number of good places near the convention center/Riverwalk but the informal one we like is Grand Isle. This fits for the Aquarium too. Don't forget the Insectarium for kids.
    Anywhere in Waldenburg Park is good for viewing the river.

    1. Jealous you will be there this week! Here would be my itinerary if I did not have to worry about transportation. Not much self-editing, just some of my faves.

      Do you have a car? Even if you do I would take the kids on the St Charles streetcar if weather is decent; I am not sure what the status of the line is these days. Locals/hotel will know.

      Thu. Feb. 21
      Lunch - Luke
      Dinner - Casamentos

      Fri. Feb. 22
      "drive back to New Orleans that night"
      Do you have dinner plans/needs for Friday? Perhaps EAT Nola on Dumaine St. for casual creole? Easygoing atmosphere.

      Sat. Feb. 23.
      Consider Cafe Beignet over Du Monde, avoid lines, better beignets IMO. Royal street location since you have the kids.

      Lunch: if you are going to be near the zoo, I would go to Patois, sit down, lovely with white tablecloths, very friendly. Great menu with some easy choices like burgers/croque monsieur. If Aquarium, you have oodles of choices, perhaps Emerils? Or as collardman suggests, Grand Isle, I have not been there.

      Dinner: Copeland's Cheesecake Factory. I don't know this place, at all.

      Sun. Feb. 24
      "Husband is running the marathon in the morning."
      Lunch- Parkway Po-Boys - not that far from race start/finish but you would need a car.
      Dinner - Domenica, as per collardman. Great pasta and pizza!
      [After running a Marathon, these would be two dreamy places to eat IF he has an appetite, IMHO]

      Mon. Feb. 25
      Surrey's Juice Bar on Magazine. Yum!

      That is how I would plot it, but some depends on where your hotel is and if you have a car, and if you are Ok with a couple of white tablecloth places for lunch. (Patois and/or Emeril's)

      Have Fun!