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Feb 14, 2013 12:22 PM

What does Georges Perrier really think about Craig Laban?

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  1. Yeah, he's something. The stuff he said aside, I don't think he's capable of keeping his voice down anywhere. Years ago, I was leaving a doctors office when he walked in, shouting at his companion in French. LaBan will probably find this rant humorous.

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      As will the folks at bibou. Perrier has eaten there several times and is fond of the owners; Pierre was the executive chef at Bec Fin during many of its glory days.

      Most people in the industry know not to take Georges seriously. He can go batsh!t crazy but is also a generous and supportive guy.

    2. I saw him once at DiBruno's promoting his frozen yogurt. He seemed totally flustered about the whole experience. This was not right, that was wrong. And he was getting a bit short with prospective customers. In other words, another day at the office...

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        I had a long chat with an ex-employee who told some juicy/hilarious GP stories. I remember one about him braining a cook with one of those giant cloches they had at LBF.

        As a diner at LBF, I've heard some rants loud enough to reach my table from the kitchen. I always thought it improved the experience.

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          OMG! For once in my life, I'm speechless.
          I guess you just have to consider the source...

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            If we are sharing Perrier/LBF stories, here's mine...

            We had dinner there in October of 2010, when the restaurant was supposed to be "closing". Our table was close to the kitchen, and my wife and I both looked at each other when we thought we smelled smoke. When the doors opened as the next server came out of the kitchen, there was Georges smoking a cigarette IN THE KITCHEN.

        2. I have a couple of Georges Perrier videos up on YouTube (sorry for the terrible filmography, it was dark and I was using a point-and-shoot!):

          1) His closing night speech at Le Bec Fin. This was the first of the evening, and he was actually talking to us moments before and used a spoon to ring a glass on our table to quiet the crowd. Apparently he was less gracious towards LaBan in later speeches. I'd be pissed too. But I wouldn't say so next to Victor Fiorillo.

          2) Georges and his dessert cart at a collaborative dinner he did at Chip Roman's Blackfish back in 2011. If you listen carefully, in response to being handed a nice bottle of 1975 Sauternes I brought, he replies in typical Georges fashion: "I only like Yquem" (a fantastically expensive French dessert wine).

          His recent comments about Bibou are rather shocking, but easily understandable. Unlike the 2 bells LaBan demoted LBF to, Bibou was upgraded to 4 bells (I forget if this happened at the same time). The former was bad enough. But LaBan rubbed salt in the wound by rating his protege's casual French bistro higher than Georges' legendary shrine to Haute French cuisine.


          1. I worked with a girl back in the late 90's who had done an externship with the Restaurant School at LBF. She was rather well endowed and told me that Georges Perrier stood about boob level to her and just did nothing but stare at them whenever he was near, LOL

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              He stands about boob level to most of us. He probably doesn't have much choice about where he stares.

              We now return you to our regularly scheduled program...