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Feb 14, 2013 12:20 PM

Fondant cake decorations ahead of time?

Chowpup has requested a rather specific birthday cake this year. She wants an Angry Birds Star Wars Chewbacca. I am a competent baker and adept at frosting, but have next to no experience with fondant. I am in planning stages and thinking that a combination of piped "fur" with a chocolate frosting and 3D fondant facial features will give me the best visual result.

Can I make these facial features ahead of time and allow them to dry, then just pop them on the cake after I get the fur done? I would like to do them up to a week ahead of time, to allow plenty of time for re-work if necessary. I have access to a decent cake supply source with colored fondant and gel food colors, so getting what I need should not be a problem. Is fondant the right material I should be working with? Or gumpaste? (which I am only familiar with from watching Duff's show, I'm afraid - no idea if it's avail to me, never used it.)

Any help/ideas welcome - if I am on the wrong track, feel free to kick me in another direction. I'm winging this one!!

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  1. Fondant or gum paste will both work for what you're doing - I find fondant more forgiving, though. You could also ask at the supply store and see what they recommend.

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      Thanks - I had no idea how the fondant responds to being shaped and dried. It's purely for looks, so I am hopeful!