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Feb 14, 2013 11:59 AM

Looking for Quinoa ( South Shore , St. Constant )

I recently moved to St. Constant and my closest chain store is Super C and Loblaws, ...but I have not been able to find Quinoa in either of them. Perhaps I didn't look in the right aisle but the only one I found was the boxed version. Can anyone help with where I can find it? thanks in advance


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  1. Hi Sheila,

    Did you try the organi/health food section at Loblaws? And what do you mean by the 'boxed version'?

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    1. re: chefjeannine

      I never thought to check on the Organic aisle as I was sure it would be in the same section as the grains but am going there tomorrow and will let you know if I find it. Thanks for the quick reply.

      Oh as for the boxed version , It was flavoured Quinoa in a box much like you would find flavoured Quacker Oat oatmeal. It really didn't appeal to me so I didn't buy it. lol

    2. not exactly sure where exactly St. Constant is, but I do know that there are several "vrac"/bulk stores on taschereau that sell it for sure.

      1. Costco in Candiac/St-Constant or the one in Brossard sells Quinoa

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        1. re: westaust

          Yes +1 Costco. Found near the rice.
          Good value too!

        2. I'm pretty sure the Super C has Qinoa in the "international" aisle (there may be a coupla brands including Clic).
          Besides the SuperC and Loblaws, theres two IGAs: a newer one across the 132 from Loblaws (and Canadian Tire) and one closer to the the Walmart (across from the Lafleurs).
          As a side, the Walmart has a food section too (but I don't know if they have quinoa).