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Feb 14, 2013 10:52 AM

Needs Artisan espresso coffee place ner CBD

Any good espresso coffee bars near CBD. No Starbucks,s lowed. They are in th milk business. Thanks.

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  1. Merchant on Common St sells Illy, it's not a bad shot from a decent machine.
    La Divina has a house blend locally roasted, plus a FQ location & a La Marzocco machine (though I don't frequent the FQ location, so I can't vouch for it).

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      If they have an LM machine (in the Quarter -- haven't been to the other one), it's new since the last time I was there -- distinctly possible, as I haven't been there since 2011. (Really good gelato, though!)

    2. In the FWIW Mode, I've been looking for great espresso in NOLA since before Katrina, and have been pleased only twice.

      Once was at a Community Coffee in the Quarter on a 3-group Cimbali . . . next time I came in, they had two commercial super autos. The second time was at the La Davina in the Quarter -- definitely not a La Marzocco -- but, again, it was only good the first time I went; the next two times, it sucked, and I gave up.

      Check out and search "New Orleans."