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Feb 14, 2013 10:00 AM

Wah Sing OR Hua Sang for lobster?

Wah Sing is the one upstairs on Baldwin St., Hua Sang is the one downstairs. It seems to me that many posters inadvertently mix up the two.

We're planning to go out for lobster with ginger and green onions tonight and would love to know which of these two restaurants is the better choice. We're not looking for the cheapest; just the best. Thanks!

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  1. Never been upstairs, just down for us.

    We were told many years ago that the downstairs one is best and so that's where we go when we go which isn't often anymore.

    To be honest I found it more shells than anything else.

    Hmmm, maybe upstairs is better??

    1. Wah Sing is at 47 Baldwin (main floor). Hua Sing is at 41 Baldwin in the basement. The restaurant upstairs from Hua Sing has a large for rent sign in the window.

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        Thanks! I know that Wah Hua Sing is at basement level and Wah Sing is not at basement level. The question is, which is better for lobster?

      2. i dunno about best but i've been to wah sing and thought it was good. didn't really know why there's so much hype about these two restaurants...tasted like every other lobster i've had at cantonese restaurants (uptown mind you)...maybe that's a good thing?

        my friend who brought me claims the 2 restaurants used to be owned and operated by the same ppl but they had a falling out and hence another one opened with the same lobster deal.