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Feb 14, 2013 09:40 AM

Big ribeyes for tonight but no cast-iron pan...

I have some 1.5" thick ribeyes to cook up tonight for the lady and me tonight for Valentine's Day. I've been dry-aging them in the fridge about 36 hours now according to Alton's method. I usually cook up smaller steaks on a big Ikea grill pan I have (its thickness holds heat reasonably well, but it's *teflon-covered* - I know...).

I know everyone recommends to finish steaks like this in a cast-iron pan in the oven but I don't have one - I have a steel roasting tray for the oven, and that grill pan. Given that my steaks are pretty thick, what's the best way to cook them tonight?

Pic below of the lowly grill pan I have, and the steel roasting pan.

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  1. Here's the steel roasting pan.

    1. Hello, I'll suggest starting the steak in the aluminum pan in the oven rather than finishing it there. This gently brings up the steak's interior to your desired temperature, while drying the outer layers for a superior sear on the stovetop. If you like medium-rare, slow-roast it until the interior hits 135 degrees, and the stovetop sear should bring it to 140 – 145 final temp.

      If you have gotten good sears in the past with your teflon pan, there's no reason not to use it. Use a pair of tongs to stand the steak vertically and render some fat out of the edges first, then fry the steak in its own oil over medium-high heat.

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        I ditto this advice, except that I would go no higher than 130 internal if you want medium rare. Enjoy!

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          Awesome - sounds like a plan for now. Thanks!

        2. I'm a little too late here for the party ....but for future reference, you could use any fry pan or sizzle plate and achieve the same results instead of using a Cast Iron pan.

          I'll go on further to say that using a Cast Iron pan for roasting steaks is one of most over hyped methods and if you use high temperatures, then you risk cooking the steak unevenly if you do not flip the steak in the oven.

          Consider Reverse Sear for your next can cook in a pan, or use a rack or grill grate over a sheet pan./broiler pan....along with a digital probe thermometer. The method is foolproof. Although the following thread was made using a Top Butt Sirloin for the test, you could substitute and good cut of beef to achieve the same results using the same method and steps outlined. You can see the steps and results of the steak in pictures here: