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Feb 14, 2013 08:32 AM

East Bay RI/South Coast MA-Where does everyone like to eat?

I'm looking for places that may fly under the radar. From Warren to Fairhaven. I'm familiar with the popular places in Bristol and Newport, like Persimmon and Salvation Cafe. I'm looking for more low key, good reliable food. It doesn't have to be fancy, but a twist on the usual thing would be nice.

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  1. Not sure how under the radar they are, but my two faves in that area are Sagres in Fall River and Margaret's in Fairhaven. The latter is a tiny spot in the small town center. Think fresh local seafood prepared often simply, sometimes creatively, and occasionally with a Portuguese lilt.

    Here's one description from their FB page of a recent special: "Garlicky-basil seared sea scallops, on fresh home made Penne in a creamy Alfredo sauce, garnished with grilled asparagus, pea shoots and tomato-basil relish! $10.95"

    Sagres is Portuguese all the way. Some of the dishes have that quirky two starch thing on many of the entrees. I never could figure out why they serve rice AND fried potatoes on the same dish. The room is old school white tablecloths with a decided tilt to the old building's floor. That said, the food is fresh and incredibly delicious. My favorite dish, Carne de Porco A Antelejana………… $14 Marinated pork sautéed with littlenecks and potatoes in a savory wine sauce. You'll get two meals out of it.

    Did I mention how inexpensive these two gems are? We pay more for a bad sandwich here on the cape so it's always a joy to go on a road trip to either of these spots. Either one is well worth going out of your way for.

    1. My favorite place to eat on the South coast is The Liberal Club in Fall River. Love the steamed little necks w/ garlic and oil with a few pops - I always get them as an app and sometimes as an entree too. I always get the red chowder and usually order the fish and chips - fish is always super fresh and fried perfectly. There's two sides, one is a dining room and the other the bar area and you have to pay for your drinks separately from the food due to the business arrangement there. Bring cash as they don't take cards.

      Blount seafood (only been to the one in Fall River) is nice for a quick chowda and clam cake lunch - yelp reviews that describe the red/manhatten clam chowder from those that are only familiar with white chowder are hilarious. First time I've ever seen chourico clam cakes.

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      1. re: LStaff

        Never sat down at a Portuguese place in FR, but I've had prepared stuff from Chaves Market and Mr. Chicken

        Patti's Pierogies was a local find, as was Apsara for Cambodian food rivaling here in Lowell.

        Cabral's in Bristol has tasty roasted chickens and other takeout foods.

        Tried Ed's Famous BBQ in FR, which was very good.

        Doau's Market, Joe's Shish Kabob, and Sam's Bakery in FR are great for Middle Eastern foods.

        I see Ugly American Burger just closed. Not really surprised.

        Been to BeBop Burrito in Warren, too.

        Tried Saigon Cafe in Middletown. The pho was disappointing, since I'm used to great pho in Lowell.

        Had breakfast at Percy's Place. Long wait, huge menu.

        Really want to get to From The Seoul in N. Dartmouth.

        This area really needs some high quality authentic Chinese food. The China Star in Portsmouth is our go-to because there's nothing else. Great portions, and decent enough, for Americanized dishes.

        Wondering where/when/if El Parque will open again. I thought the Mexican food was surprisingly good for the area.

        The family likes Fieldstones, but it's a little too middle of the road for me.

        Green Eggs in Bristol has good breakfasts, as goes Graziano's in Portsmouth.

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          Mama Leone's Pizza in Newport was pretty good, and you get a good value. They serve Sicilian style and have a whole wheat crust option. Only problem was that we ordered "spicy chicken" on a pizza and and in another dish that apparently means "buffalo chicken".

          Boss Man Burgers in Portsmouth and Middletown is a good fast food option, but I haven't really tried much on the menu aside from veggie burgers, which are decent enough for what they are. Nice choice of toppings including fried eggs and avocado.

          Avoid Evelyn's and Flo's unless you dig really expensive greasy fried clams and $25 dollar "lobster lo mien" in tasteless brown sauce with meat from 2 claws.

          Jackie's Galaxie in Bristol isn't as good as they thing they are. An attempt at upscale Americanized Chinese food, but it's really nothing special.

          North End Pizza in Portsmouth is reliable, but nothing to go out of your way for.

          Rocco's Little Italy in Portsmouth is a cut above the standard Pizza joint. Worth trying out.

      2. These places may not be new to you:

        -Warren: Blount (in season only..order food and beer from trucks and sit on the dock), Sunnyside (have they re-opened?), new place called Square Peg.

        -Bristol: Quito's, Dewolfe, Aidan's

        -Newport: Perro Salado, Pour Judgement

        -New Bedford: Heard good things about Brick Pizza. There's also a wine bar I'd like to check out, called Cork.

        As CCG writes, there's a wealth of Portuguese food in Fall River/New Bedford, about which I know nothing. Would be fun to explore!

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        1. re: digga

          Seconding Brick in New Bedford and Margarets in Fairhaven.

          Not exactly under the radar either, but The Back Eddy in Westport is always top notch. They close for the winter but will reopen in March.

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            Your post jogged my memory about a place in Westport that I've never tried - Marguerite's. I heard that it's a mostly locals kind of place. Have you been? We always go to the Back Eddy when in the area and looking to expand our horizons!

          2. re: digga

            I've been to Blount in Warren. Big lobster rolls. Also, Stella Blue is a pretty good place. I'll look out for Square Peg.

            Been to Quito's and Aiden's. The latter always seems to be packed with younger people getting their drink on.

            Pour Judgement is a good beer bar. Been there many times.

            Gotta explore New Bedford more thoroughly this year. I've been to Rose Alley and The Pour Farm for craft beers. Rose Alley has great chicken wings.

            1. re: Dinsdale45

              Pour Farm looks right up our alley! We almost never find ourselves in that neck of the woods, but maybe a trip exclusively to check out NB is in order. You're looking for tips but instead are handing them out - thanks!