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(Paris) L'Ambroisie, any recent review/report ?

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I'm going to Paris in May, and not going single for the first time in a long while :-)

We're planning a great meal, and I was thinking about L'Ambroisie, it is in a great area to walk in and out even in less than ideal weather because of the covered alleys.

My girlfriend eat pretty much everything except seafood (outside of salmon and other "regular" fish); so having a great menu with a more "meat centric" selection.

I am also looking at Lasserre and Ledoyen (both are near nice areas, and close to L'Orangerie).
I was also looking at Le Pré Catelan, but since it is a bit further away it is "less fun" to walk in and walk out for a stroll after lunch or dinner (need to taxi in and out).

Le Cinq will be kept as a backup (mostly because it has a easier menu ?).

(I'd like to go back to Gagnaire, but it might be too "exotic")


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  1. Not very recent, but I went last June, for the first time. Dishes ranged from very good to exceptional . This is of course not as fun a place as, say, l'Arpège or Gagnaire, but it's not so bad either, and the food more than makes up for it.
    Wine is on the expensive side unfortunately, and the glassware is a bit "crude" compared to other "3* establishments. Maybe they give you better glasses if you order expensive bottles, though.
    Don't know how "meat centric" it is, though. I'd say it's quite balanced, with as many meat/fishes options.

    Maybe Ledoyen would be a somewhat "safer" bet. Not sure how I would explain that in a clear, objective way, though.
    That said, I postponed going to l'Ambroisie for 5 years, and regretted not going earlier. And now I want to go back.

    Pictures from our meal here: https://picasaweb.google.com/11387386...