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Mar 21, 2006 11:31 AM

Highway Five LA to SF update: Pupusas on the Highway!

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Tita's Pupuseria in Buttonwillow has been a CH favorite stop on the fairly dismal I-5 trip from LA to SF. However, it is about 4 or 5 miles off the freeway, and sometimes when one is in the 80+MPH-leadfoot-got-to-get-out-of-here mode that 5 seems to induce, one just doesn't want to slow down enough to pull off the Interstate. For all of you in that category, I did want to give a heads-up that when I was in that mode Sunday afternoon coming back from LA, we spotted a Tita's Pupuseria truck in the parking lot of one of the gas stations located right at the Buttonwillow exit off of I-5!

When we saw it we were already on our way back on to the freeway after only filling the tank (having eaten just before leaving LA). We debated whether to circle around and check it out more fully, but I guess the urge to get home overcame our CH tendencies, so I can't report on the quality of the food. However, it is definitely an option to consider, so keep your eyes out for it in that area.


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  1. Did the drive from LA to SF this afternoon, thought I'd check out Tita's Pupuseria on the way after reading so much about it. I'm a sucker for a good pupusa, haha.

    Overall, I thought the pupusas were average. I'm not yet a pupusa expert, but I've been slowly making the rounds in SF (for reference - I like Panchita's #2 in the Mission). I thought the pupusas here were a little too heavy on the cheese and a little too light on the other filling. I ordered one pupusa revuelta and one pupusa con loroco y queso. In the case of the revuelta, though I did like the fried pork flavor, I found only a few specks of pork, nothing more. Similar experience with the loroco - I'd never tried this before, but here I found nothing but a few greenish specks.

    In the end, though, they were tasty enough and quite filling, far better than anything I'd have gotten at any of the standard fast-food options I usually end up at driving up or down the 5! I'd check it out again on a future drive (or perhaps I'll get around to try Taste of India, same Buttonwillow exit).

    Pupusas were $2.50 each. I also got an ice tea ($1.75) - they gave little pieces of lime instead of lemon, which I found tasty. Refreshing, as it was probably close to 100 degrees outside!