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Feb 14, 2013 03:03 AM

Is it ok to put a sparkling drink in a beverage dispenser wth a spigot? Will it lose fizz?

I have this beverage dispenser with a spigot (link below) for a party and I'd like to fill it with a sparkling strawberry lemonade. That would be store-bought strawberry lemonade and I would add sparkling lemon mineral water or lemon seltzer water to that to add fizz.

My worry is that somehow, coming out of the spigot, the drink will go flat in the cup or make the drink in the container flatter quicker. I do have other pitchers I could use instead but wanted to use the dispenser.

Maybe my science intuition is wrong. Has anyone had experience with this?

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  1. If it doesn't sit in the dispenser too long , the fizz shouldn't be affected by the use of the spigot. Just like any carbonated drink though, once it's out of its pressurized bottle, it starts going flat .
    Your best bet would be to keep partially refilling it with fresh beverages rather than filling the entire container just once.

    1. The original comment has been removed