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Feb 14, 2013 02:28 AM

Open by 5:00 on Saturday, somewhat fancy in Durha/CH?

Hi All, LulusDad and I are taking her to see Mary Poppins at DPAC on Saturday. Since this is a somewhat special thing to do, we'd like to take her somewhere a little fancy after the show for dinner. Looks like the show will end at 4:35. Is there any place in Durham or CH that would open at 5:00 (or already be open) where the food is decent and we'd feel ok in our dress up clothes that you can think of? Most of the places I can think of are either not really dressy seeming places or don't open until 5:30. I'd really appreciate any help - I seem to be blanking on this one. Thanks!

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  1. six plates? g2b? nanas?

    1. Nanas! I thought they didn't open until 5:30. That is perfect. Will see if I can get a reservation there. Thanks!

        1. re: ToothTooth

          Nanas is fully booked. Mateo is saying fully booked on Open Table (I know, my bad for leaving it until now). I may call and see if there is really a table available, but my guess is that there isn't after Greg Cox's review. My one trip to Revolution was just ok, but I've been hearing good things so maybe that is worth a shot. Just checked - no tables until 6:00. I have a reservation at G2B right now, but can cancel if Mateos ends up having space (but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed). Wish Vin Rouge was open slightly earlier.

          1. re: LulusMom

            Normally you can eat at in the bar at Nana's - they have several tables there that are first-come, not an issue if you get there a few minutes early, but I don't have experience with an event weekend crowd. Edit: when I do the bar like this, I always have a backup plan!

            1. re: D R C

              I love eating at the bar. Not sure how they'd feel about a 6 year old being there though - some places are fine with it, others not so much. But I will keep it in mind for next time without her along.

              1. re: LulusMom

                I've eaten in the bar there with my kids the last few years, they are 7 and 9 now. The staff looks after them very well. The tables and chairs are a little higher so not good for little ones.

                1. re: D R C

                  I haven't been there, but I've done girls' night out with my daughter at other bars and it's never been a problem.

                  1. re: rockycat

                    Maybe it is because of places we've traveled, but there have been a lot of places that will let her in. but won't let her sit at the bar. We've sat at bars at a few places around here (City Kitchen, Bin 54, Panzanella all come to mind) but there are places that just won't allow it. BTW, rockycat jr. is now a hero(ine) of Lulu's. I think the tipping point was the longed for halloween costume.

                  2. re: D R C

                    This is great to know. Lulu and I get a lot of "ladies nights" because of her dad's work schedule and I think she'd have fun sitting at the bar there. Thanks for the info.

              2. re: LulusMom

                Its been my experience that Open Table reserves a certain quantity for their booking system. Give the restaurant a call.

            2. After a somewhat frantic few minutes, I suddenly thought of Blu. Haven't been there for a few years, but decided on it (with the help of her dad) and canceled G2B. I like G2B a lot, but Lulu has been there. This will be a new, and hopefully fun, experience for her. Thanks cervisiam and ToothTooth for your help.

              1. When we go to an afternoon show at Dpac, we go to Tyler's for a drink and a video game or two and then on to dinner. Opens up the options considerably.

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                  I'm guessing your bedtime is a bit later than Lulus ; )