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Valentine's Day - Fine diners? Where are you going?

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In Singapore, at least, Valentine's Day is increasingly the Day of the Supreme Marked Up Set Menu. Every cafe and restaurant transforms into a dimly lit sea of tables-for-two. On the menu - one, or two fixed course offerings, jacked up with a complimentary rose, fizzy alcohol, and key money elements like truffles, wagyu, kurobuta. I don't really know what the really current signifiers of "fine ingredients" are.

Where are you guys going? After years of valentine day dinners, we had an aha moment and gleefully decided to have a "no reservations" night that will still be special - Chilli Crabs tonight at East Coast (Jumbo is my favourite).

I'm still interested in what restaurants are serving/doing on Valentine's Day - what are everyone else's plans? Reviews?

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  1. I'm in Georgetown, Penang, at the moment, and we're off to a group dinner at Northam Beach Food Centre - sticking to Penang street foods. Like you, I'm sick of the over-commercialization of Valentine's Day and the ridiculous prices the restaurants are charging.

    Your chilli crab dinner sounds delish.