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Feb 14, 2013 12:18 AM

Favorite Hamentaschen filing?

I'm a long standing fan of the poppy seed ones, but I'm beginning to aquire a new fondness for those filled with halva.

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  1. Ooh, the halvah spread makes delicious hamataschen. It looks a little boring with the tan pastry dough and the tan filling. Tastes great, though.

    All-time favorite is still the bubbie-approved prune. As for "new-fangled" fillings, I love both lime curd and Chinese red bean paste. The red bean paste tastes somewhat similar to date but different enough to be intriguing.

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    1. re: rockycat

      We tried the red bean this year too and it was a hit. Also popular with us: Pistachio butter.

    2. How do you use the halva as filling - seems it would need something to alter the texture? My favorite filling is prune, but I'm open to something new and delicious!

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      1. re: janeh

        Unfortunately, as someone who lives in Jerusalem - there are too many bakeries that make them with halva so much better than I could. So I have no clue on any recipe tips.....

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          I have a jar of Israeli halvah spread and unfortunately, I have no idea where I got it. I know I've seen recipes for it somewhere, perhaps in Janna Gur's book. Try Googling and see what comes up.

        2. Not a poppy fan,but I make them for the poppy lovers in my house. I make homemade apricot filling and cheat for cherry filling (can of Solo). This year I went a bit out of the box and made some new fillings; date nut with seasoning reminiscent to Sephardic haroset, fig filling and used Israeli chocolate spread for a chocolate filling. Not your bubbie's fillings!

            1. Poppy Seed all the way - no one else in my home likes them so they are all mine -

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                My kids know the house rule: Poppy is for POPPA. Keep your hands off! The kids get fruit filled, or chocolate or peanut butter, etc.