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Favorite Hamentaschen filing?

I'm a long standing fan of the poppy seed ones, but I'm beginning to aquire a new fondness for those filled with halva.

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  1. Ooh, the halvah spread makes delicious hamataschen. It looks a little boring with the tan pastry dough and the tan filling. Tastes great, though.

    All-time favorite is still the bubbie-approved prune. As for "new-fangled" fillings, I love both lime curd and Chinese red bean paste. The red bean paste tastes somewhat similar to date but different enough to be intriguing.

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      We tried the red bean this year too and it was a hit. Also popular with us: Pistachio butter.

    2. How do you use the halva as filling - seems it would need something to alter the texture? My favorite filling is prune, but I'm open to something new and delicious!

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        Unfortunately, as someone who lives in Jerusalem - there are too many bakeries that make them with halva so much better than I could. So I have no clue on any recipe tips.....

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          I have a jar of Israeli halvah spread and unfortunately, I have no idea where I got it. I know I've seen recipes for it somewhere, perhaps in Janna Gur's book. Try Googling and see what comes up.

        2. Not a poppy fan,but I make them for the poppy lovers in my house. I make homemade apricot filling and cheat for cherry filling (can of Solo). This year I went a bit out of the box and made some new fillings; date nut with seasoning reminiscent to Sephardic haroset, fig filling and used Israeli chocolate spread for a chocolate filling. Not your bubbie's fillings!

            1. Poppy Seed all the way - no one else in my home likes them so they are all mine -

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                My kids know the house rule: Poppy is for POPPA. Keep your hands off! The kids get fruit filled, or chocolate or peanut butter, etc.

              2. I'm also curious as to how one filling-izes halva.

                I made a very good date-nut-spice last year, doctoring Solo filling (I know, I know) with chopped almonds, cinnamon, and cardamom.

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                  The halva spread from Israel that Rockycat mentions would work. In the absence of that I would probably take tehina and sweeten it with honey or corn syrup and flavor it with vanilla or chocolate, but I wonder if there is a recipe online for halva spread.

                2. Nutella with raspberry jam is a very tasty combination (nutella alone is a bit too dry). I'm also very fond of apricot.

                  1. I vary between apricot and prune being my favorites, though as a kid, my very favorite were the apple butter ones that my mother made. I don't think I've ever encountered them anywhere else. Just curious . . . has anyone else ever had apple butter-filled hamantashen?

                    1. don't hate me but i love chocolate hamantaschen.

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                          my mom made wonderful cherry ones with the cans of cherry pie filling. She'd put the filling in a strainer and just use the cherries and not the "juice" I cheat and by the premade ones at the store, often raspberry which my hubby loves.

                      1. Here's an article on some of the more recent trends in Israel this year and savory Hamentaschen (http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/j...).

                        Sounds like it's time for a trip to Roladin.

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                          Just read that this morning. I am soooo jealous.

                        2. Raspberry. Zishe's in Monsey. Also has a great pie-like dough.

                          1. Honestly, I've disliked nearly all the hamentaschen I've ever had. I loathe crunchy cookies, shortbread, etc.

                            I'll happily scoop the filling out of apricot or cherry ones and give the cookie to my husband to finish off. Last year, someone gave us softer ones and they were fantastic.

                            1. Gotta be apricot! But I won't turn down prune, mun, or cherry either.

                              1. Prune & Poppy are my favorites...if offered those two, Poppy would definitely be the one I reach for first.

                                1. Date spread filling is my favorite

                                  1. Prune and apricot have always been my favorites. I started making nutella ones a few years ago and the kids love those. Amazing how it firms up as it bakes instead of running all over the pan. Another great filling that I make when I have the time is found in Joan Nathan's Jewish Cooking in America. It has prunes, raisins, apple, lemon juice and rind, and walnuts. You simmer the prunes and raisins in a little water until they're softened, then grind them up with the nuts and apple in a grinder or food processor, then add the lemon juice and grated rind and a bit of sugar. Delicious!

                                    1. Just saw this now - wow!
                                      Candy cane cheesecake and French onion soup hamentashen, among many others.
                                      Maybe next year.

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                                        This year I had chocolate hamentashen topped with pop rocks from Mona. Those ranked as the most unexpected ones I tried.

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                                            Tragically the dough wasn't so good - but it wasn't exactly a cooking technique. Rather, crumbled pop rocks were just sprinkled on top. Something to steal for next year, but with a tasty hamentashen instead....

                                      2. Mareskan sour cherries! (and tapioca, because... umm... tapioca!)
                                        Also, yeast not cookie.

                                        1. Always hated poppy seeds, so while my favorite filling is usually strawberry and cherry somehow it didn't quite taste right in the hammentashens that I received. I will have to vote for the old classic of prune.

                                            1. My husband (and family) like blueberry, and now I'm a convert too. Terrific!

                                              1. This year nobody gave me any poppy seed ones :-(