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Feb 13, 2013 10:42 PM

Good eats in Flatbush near Cortelyou Road B train?

I grew up around here and am bringing my daughters for a nostalgia walk around. Are there any good ethnic eats in the area that someone could recommend? We'll probably be there for dinner on Friday next week.

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  1. Mexican,Israeli, Tibetan, Filipino, etc. Try searching the board.

    1. Not my neighborhood so I don't know what small, hole-in-the-wall places are around, but you might enjoy Purple Yam (upscale Filipino/fusion cooking) -- it's just a couple of blocks from the Q train (which I think is the train you want), between Argyle and Rugby.

      (Although it's not my neighborhood, I love running the residential streets and gaping at the houses. Hope you and your daughters have a great time!)

      1. There is Cafe Tibet, a tiny place right next to the Cortelyou stop. (BTW, the B does not stop at Cortelyou, just the Q.) They have good dumplings--most kids would like.