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Feb 13, 2013 08:56 PM

Franklin Ave Hartford - still best city stretch for Italian?

So may need a refresher on Italian in Hartford - haven't been there to eat in a spell and am thinking Italian.

So - are THE places to eat Italian still on Franklin Ave?

Give me the 3 must get to's please...and suggested menu choice,,,

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  1. You can still good Italian on Franklin Ave at Carbone's, Ficara's but also look at Peppercorn's (Main St) or in West Hartford Bricco's or Treva

    1. Piccolo Arancio in F'mington is still a very good place. Pagliacci's in Plainville is always packed, but I would recommend their pasta is bland and tasteless. One dish I get alot there is a custom calzone...mozz, ricotta, provolone, ham, genoa salami, and broccoli di rape.

      1. Carbone's for dinner. Period.

        Mozzicato cafe for after-dinner drinks, pastries and coffee.

        I would steer clear of Francesco's and Ficaras.

        If you're there before 4:00, di Bacco's is the nicest little family-style Italian deli. There meats and cheeses are very good and aren't priced outrageously.

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          Hi Shaogo - is di Baccos open on weekends?