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Feb 13, 2013 07:19 PM

Kosher for Passover desserts from a bakery/restaurant?

Half my family will be in town the end of March. We want to have an afternoon dessert thing set up at my Mother's nursing home, both because of her condition and the cost involved in going out.

It is during Passover. Part of the family here is strictly Kosher, so they won't eat anything that I make in my kitchen since I don't keep kosher and all my baking stuff has had flour and milk products in it.

Anyone know of a place to buy anything pre-made? I know Byerly's has popovers, but I called there today and they didn't think they would have brownies, cookies or cake.

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  1. I'd try calling Cecil's Deli in St. Paul. They have desserts, though I don't know how they are - and they'll certainly be able to tell you if they're kosher - and if they aren't, might have a suggestion for you.

    1. You might try Little Tel Aviv.

      3238 West Lake Street
      Minneapolis, MN 55416

      1. Some Byerly's have more options for kosher than others. When I needed to buy kosher chicken to bring to a party held at a house with a kosher kitchen, the host recommended the Byerly's in St. Louis Park and specified that other locations had a much smaller selection of kosher items. I'm not sure if this is the one you called, but if not, I would try there.

        Also, I think Trader Joe's sometimes has the sort of thing you are looking for during Passover.

        1. Check out Vitali’s Bistro, 5101 Minnetonka Blvd, St. Louis Park

          1. Look, any restaurant that's kosher is pretty much closed for Passover, rather than make their kitchens and storefront kosher for Passover. It's Byerly's in SLP, Lunds in Highland Park, Cub Foods in Hopkins, try Sholom (you may be able to buy something there.)