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Feb 13, 2013 06:27 PM

Amira Market in Malden Center

I walked by this place a few weeks back, before their official opening. The owner was outside and was very friendly so we chatted a bit. He mentioned that his co-owner had worked at a White Hen Pantry, and they decided to open a place with a similar concept - deli foods, groceries, and fresh meats.

I stopped in this afternoon for a quick visit and that's pretty much the place - a White Hen pantry, if White Hen carried rose water and fresh dates, lol. (Who was looking for good dates on another thread? I saw a big box for about 9 bucks). I didn't get to do too much browsing since my little boy was with me, but they had an array of Morroccan/mediterranean groceries (the dates, rose water, pomegranate molasses, lots of olive oils), a refrigerated section (egg salad, other deli salads, an array of salami), and a small meat case in the back.

Meats are halal and fresh; I bought a pack of chicken legs for $1.99 a pound (they also had whole chickens and chicken breast). I didn't get a look at the other offerings. The chickens and their parts were on the smallish side, like a boiler/fryer rather than roasting chicken size. (Works for me).

The place reminds me of the short-lived Olive Market, that used to be up the street (in the space currently occupied by Abiata Cafe). It's in a much smaller storefront - I think it used to be the Exit Realty office. Their shelves are packed but the aisles are not as tight as at Baba Supermarket at the opposite end of Pleasant Street. The space is bright, clean, and cheerful. I hope they make it.

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  1. Sounds like another source for middle eastern groceries. Do they have fresh bread?
    I have an Egyptian owned convenience store in Ashland with a shelf and freezer corner with similar goods. Bread is frozen.

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      There were lots of flat breads, in commercial packaging I think, I didn't get a long look at them. I'll check next time I go in. Baba Supermarket has some homemade breads with different toppings and fillings.

      1. re: trufflehound

        I went back today. They seem to have shifted goods around a bit: the refrigerated case that used to hold salads and salamis was full of cheese (salamis got moved to a different spot, didn't see the salads). The fresh meat case had a few whole chickens lamb and goat, and "regular" beef (I assume they meant non-halal).

        All the bread I saw was pita and flatbreads. Regular and whole wheat pita, in 8" and something big (12"? 16"?). I bought a 5-pack of plain pita for a reasonable $1.29; it was nice and thin, very fresh.

        Some interesting items I missed last time: whole smoked mackerel for $3.50, bulk bins of semolina and other flour, argan oil. And something else, but now i can't think what it was!

        1. re: gimlis1mum

          I remembered! It was preserved lemons, in bulk. So you can buy just one for your recipe. Big containers of different olives, too.