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Feb 13, 2013 06:24 PM

Where can a vegetarian eat while driving I-70 through Kansas? not Lawrence/KC!

1 true Vegetarian, 1 who eats vegetarian 99% of the time driving from KC to Boulder. Looking for recs here:

Dinner recs near Salina, Abilene.
Lunch near Oakley, Colby, Goodland, Burlington
Good slices of pie near highway

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  1. good luck with that. I've heard from old friends (K-State) that Salina and Abilene have great Mexican, but that doesn't always mean vegetarian, even if beans and rice.

    1. Yikes. Good luck. Maybe a Subway for a veggie sandwich.

      Mrs CHM and I ate at an Applebee's in Colby on one trip. It was better than I expected.

      My daughter and I had the worst meal of our lives at a Best Western in Goodland.

      That's a long and desolate drive.

      1. Might want to try Martinelli's in's not the best Italian in the world but it's not bad

        Lunch, I'm seconding the Subway comment...though if you change your mind and want a chicken fried steak I can help you:)

        1. We ended up doing the drive in 2 days, both directions.

          Abeline: La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant: lackluster at best. Not vegetarian, but my pork tamale was the best of the bunch. The still frozen slice of flan smothered in hershey syrup was the lowest point.

          Hays: Gella's Dinner/ LB Brewing: A very pleasant surprise. We stopped here for lunch on the way out, and were thrilled. Husband had a veggie burger that was one of the best he's had in midwest. French fried green beans were quite satisfying. My bratwurst was pretty good. Great kettle chips with horseradish dip. Husband enjoyed their beer immensely. We stopped her for late dinner on way back, and acquired a growler of their prize winning oatmeal stout.

          1. 1. Find any grocery store.
            2. Buy some carrots.
            3. Eat them in the car and keep driving as fast as you can.