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Feb 13, 2013 05:47 PM

Splendido's Salmon and the Happy Revival of many an Old College Memory

So we were at Splendido and everything was going as expected. The service, the bread, the amsue, the apps, all beautiful and smooth and enjoyable. We were having such a good time. This is the new menu.

Then came the Mains.

Of the veal I will not say much. It was bland and definitely not juicy and way over cooked, but still fully tolerable and would not have ruined my night at all.

but then there was also the salmon. it came on a bed of beans and a million other things and the visual was, how to put it, truly striking!

I will not belabour the point too much. The bed looked like vomit. there is no other way to describe what was happening on that plate: beans and carrots and other little entities of various colors mushed and held together by a suspiciously gelatinous pool of semi-transparent liquid. It brought back so many fond memories of college.

I tasted it anyways. The salmon was again overcooked, lacked any deep flavor, and the whole organic thing did not seem to bring much to the game except a heightened price tag. I didnt try the bed, that would bring back not-so-fond college memories.

This was neither during winterlicious, nor close to Halloween.

Difficult to fathom, in more ways than one.

I like and respect Splendido. But they should take things down a notch or two on the mains.

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  1. Someone I know went last week and said her main was under seasoned and over cooked. I haven't been in a while but it sound like challenges on the hot line. I hope they pull it back together.

    1. Wow!!! Most interesting!!
      I'm reading more 'Negative' things about Splendido than positive these days! Wonder why?! Change of kitchen staff?

      1. I thought the same thing of another fish dish they were serving to someone beside our table a few weeks ago.

        Other than that, I've said enough earlier.


        1. Spendido's kitchen seems to be much better at preparing land animals, lately. I can't remember reading any recent raves about fish/shellfish at Splendido.


          1. I have mentioned a few meals where their food, post Lee, have simply fallen short, sometimes worse than others.

            My most recent memory (which would go against the theory of Land vs Sea competency) was a pre-arranged meal where sweetbreads were requested, and neither the cleaning nor cooking of said gland were acceptable nor palatable.

            Not to mention those stupid 'purse chairs' that my grandmother nearly killed herself on, en route to the ladies room.

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            1. re: Sadistick

              Nooooo!!!!! I LOVE the purse chair and wish more find dining places had them!