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Feb 13, 2013 05:44 PM

Harvest Room - Hotel MacDonald YEG

Has anyone been there lately? I am planning to go there for dinner soon, and while I haven't heard anything negative, it isn't a restaurant people rave about.

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  1. While I haven't specifically been to the Harvest Room, I have always been underwhelmed by Fairmont hotel restaurants. I find them over priced and not executed well. Do you have a choice in going there?

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      I do have a choice and it wouldn't be too late to change my mind, other than that a lot of restaurants will be booked up for prime reservation times now (it is tomorrow night).

      I wanted a nice restaurant, but wanted to go some place I haven't been yet (in the lines of Hardware Grill, Red Ox Inn, etc, but we have already been to those places), so I have narrow options to fit the bill of something nice and something new. We haven't been to Characters, but for some reason, I have been unsure about going there.

      1. re: aasg

        I went to Character's a few times while living in Edmonton. I know the reviews are not always consistent, however I always enjoyed my meals thoroughly and still say they have the nicest atmosphere for fine dining in town. (for extra entertainment ask to sit at the chef's table for part or all of you meal, also take your dessert in front on the fire). One caveat, I haven't been there for about 4 or 5 years.

        1. re: aasg

          I haven't had dinner there yet (soon to be rectified) but I've had meals cooked by one of the Chefs from the Culina off of Whyte Ave and they've always been superb.

        2. re: cleopatra999

          I agree 100% about Fairmont Hotel restaurants.....well, almost 100%. Overpriced? Absolutely! We don`t mind paying top dollar for quality in terms of ingredients, presentation & service. Excluding Chateau Whistler, The Fairmont Group has been underwhelming in our experience which includes Banff(have dined in all their restaurants), Lake Louise & Winnipeg. To be fair, the service has mostly always been good, sometimes exceptional. However, the food has been average at best.

        3. Last time I went to the Harvest Room was about a year ago. I wasn't impressed, particularly for the price.

          I went to XIX last week- that was quite nice in terms of good service and decent food. I've also been meaning to try Unheardof.

          1. My meal there was fine. Service was very professional and the atmosphere is nice.

            We ended up having drinks and appetizers at Moriarity's before rather than having appetizers at the Harvest Room. The amuse bouche was pleasant enough, but nothing stood out about it. I had the duck for my main, which cooked perfectly and had very good duck confit ravioli, but was nothing exceptional beyond that for flavours. Dessert was a disappointment. For $13, especially compared to other "high end" restaurants in Edmonton, I expect something better than a tiny round of cjocolate cake and a melon ball sized scoop of gelato with a few berries. Even at $11, I expect a nicely sized portion of dessert with some degree of creativity of finesse.