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Pea Shoots

I just planted enough snow pea seeds that I'll probably turn green by the end of spring. I've never eaten pea shoots and am curious how you like to serve them or have seen them in restaurants. I know salads, maybe sautee? Are they good in light soups? Ravioli?

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  1. I like to stir fry them with garlic and white pepper, and just a bit of chicken stock.

    You can make pesto out of them as well.

    Great tossed in salads of almost any kind, or just by themselves and dressed lightly with some EVOO and rice wine vinegar.

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          The shoots cook REALLY quickly, and it doesn't take long for them to overcook into a mushy mess. Expect it to cook faster than, say, spinach.

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        I thought I had invented pea shoot pesto last year! :) Planted way too many and they all germinated like crazy. The pesto was wonderful on angel hair pasta.

      2. I LOVE them as a salad tossed with a simple vinaigrette of lemon juice, olive oil and a little mustard. They taste very much like peas so the mustard is a perfect complement.

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          I'll keep the mustard in mind as I tend to dislike savory things with a sweet note.

        2. Nice on an eggsalad sandwich.

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          1. Lucky you~Pea shoots are delectable! I've only ever had them salad/vinaigrette style. I love the pesto idea!

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              Yeah, I'm really excited about them. Especially since I over ordered seed and don't have enough room to grow them all into full size plants.

            2. Thanks every body. I guess there's not too many shoot eaters around.

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                I think it's because they haven't tried them. They're hard to come by.

                I haven't grown them myself. I will pick them up at a farmers market or our Asian market. I think I remember getting a small bag from my CSA once.

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                  Dunno -- looks like you've got a bunch of suggestions already.

                  One of our favorite dishes at a local watering hole is stir-fried pea shoots with garlic and hot peppers. Absolutely delish.

                  I've also bought them at TJ's before and prepped them pretty much the same way.

                2. Pea Tendrils in Supreme Broth with Smithfeild Ham and or Crab Meat
                  Pea Tendrils and Shrimp Har Gow
                  3 Pea Pasta, Peas, Snap peas and Pea Tendrils, Cream and Pancetta

                  And here is a search that should help


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                    Thanks for the suggestions and the links, chefj. I'll definitely try the ones you've had personal experience with. Supreme Broth - har gow- and cream with pancetta with 3 peas. Sounds wonderful.

                  2. My favorite local place had an appetizer of burrata served over a pea shoot salad, The combination of creamy and crunchy was wonderful.

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                      I can see why that is your favorite place! Yum.

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                        How is the pea shoot salad done? Dressed alone, or are there other ingredients? That sounds delicious.

                      2. I've grown them for years, but find the raw ones a little tough, and fed them to my guinea pig. GP died last year ( 7 years old ♥), so I'd love some tips. Mine are already two feet tall! How do you know when to harvest?

                        Here's the answer. Perfect, since I planted pretty closely.


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                          So sorry about your GP. I lost my dear dog and two dear cats in 2011 and cried for months. I still turn to feed the dog scraps and realize she's no longer here...

                          I found the same link you posted, yesterday, and decided to follow that method. Found a few other ways of growing too, but I'm doing it the way the link posted above does.

                          I think you'd better harvest now and saute those puppies. Then pick younger shoots in the future. But, hey, I've never done this before!!

                        2. I recently ordered a 1/2 pound of pea shoots through my delivery service and didn't realize just how many pea shoots that adds up to. Living alone, I have had to get very creative with them:

                          1. sauteed with eggs (they cook quickly so I just added at the end of eggs cooking)
                          2. Protein shake - vanilla protein powder, pea shoots, macadamia nuts, and almond milk
                          3. Olive bread, goat cheese, pea shoots, black pepper
                          4. Pea shoots, avocado, ranch dressing
                          5. Miso soup - tofu, mushrooms, miso paste, pea shoots added at the end
                          6. Pasta, mushrooms, pea shoots, lemon, butter, white wine

                          Believe it or not, still have quite a few left!

                          1. Raw, they cause a lot of gas for both the husband and I - and I really do mean a LOT. So, cooked all the way here.

                            I tend to cook them somewhat lightly. Garlic, onions, ghee or coconut oil, chilli powder, wee bit of turmeric, salt.

                            1. The last couple of years or so, pea shoots have been readily available in the supermarkets during the summer months. They're sold in the salad section and that's how we eat them - particularly nice with watercress and/or sprouted seeds.