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Feb 13, 2013 04:23 PM

Decided to make cheese fondue tomorrow night. Help!

I have no idea what I'm doing but have a lovely Le Creuset fondue set and Emmi Swiss/ Guryere Cheese. Now what??? I have cubed chicken to cook for dipping as well as mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, parsnips and a really nice sourdough baguette.

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  1. There's a recipe here, as well as suggestions for dippers. Emmi also makes a premade fondue that is fabulous. You can find the Emmi and another brand called Swiss Castle at Cost Plus World Market, for $8-$9. I've also seen it at my local grocery, but it's much more expensive there.

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      thank you!!!! Will check it right now!!

    2. Just make sure to steam your vegetables a little, so that they are not fully raw and too crunchy (Carrots in particular).

      Fresh herbs, roasted garlic are also good flavorings.

      Add a little white wine in there for flavor but also because the addition of alcohol will lower the boiling point. That way cheese proteins will not curdle. Make sure to not overboil the cheese.

      As for the chicken, of course make sure to cook it first as it is not the same as doing it Fondue Bourguignonne (In oil).

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          Also, regarding the wine - choose something decent, that you like to drink. Normally I will cook with just about anything (even wines I don't care to drink), because I think that high heat destroys the subtle flavors of wine. However, in the case of fondue, you use quite a bit of it and it never really boils off, so use something you'd be happy to drink.

      1. My family doesn't cook the vegetables, though ours are relatively soft veggies; if you're using carrots, then definitely. Ever since I was little, our dippers have been these: sourdough bread, linguica sausage (sounds weird, and I know it's from a whole different country, but so delicious!), cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, bell peppers, cauliflower. Though I haven't tried it, I bet steamed asparagus would be nice. Oh, and a little kirsch into the cheese. Have fun!

        1. The New York Times ran a story recently on Cheese Fondue. Here is the recipe from that story:

          Another nice item for dipping in cheese are tart slices of apple -- say Granny Smith.

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            For me, excellent gruyere and emmenthaler cheese is a must. As is excellent baguette for dipping. Third must is tart apples. All else optional.

          2. thanks everyone!! It turned out terrific! I used a Sancerre and we really had a great dinner. I did rub the inside of the pot with a garlic clove and finished the cheese with a touch of fresh nutmeg.

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              Glad to hear it. I made a 3-course fondue course last year for Valentines Day (cheese/beef & veggies in oil/ chocolate) and it was a huge hit. I planned to reprise it this year until I realized that V Day this year fell on the one night a week that my husband works -- so I'll do it next year instead.