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Feb 13, 2013 03:12 PM

FuLoon Question: Vege and Seafood

Going to dinner at FuLoon soon with some pesca-vegetarians at the table. The following are terrific dishes I would order, anyway.

• Garlic Eggplant
• Mandarin Cabbage with Spicy & Sour
• Bean Curd with Special Sauce
• Fresh Fish Fillet in Special Hot Sauce
• Szechuan Style Whole Fish

Any other standout seafood/vegetable dishes?

The idea of jumbo shrimp with satay sauce appeals to me, as does the rolled fried fish thing I saw on one thread that you're supposed to order in advance (mixed reviews, but seems right for the occasion). But have no idea, since I haven't had them.

I heard somewhere that it's not good to crowd-source one's dinners out (foodie hype and all), but oh well. :D

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  1. Also: Seafood with Green Peas sounds interesting.

    1. When eating finfish in Chinese restaurants, I avoid fillets in favor of whole fish, which is usually better.You just have to get over the Western etiquette rules about removing the bones from your mouth, which don't apply. The sweetest meat is next to the bone, as the saying goes. I've had very good whole fish at FuLoon (I don't do Szechuan but some other preparation).

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      1. re: Karl S

        smart thinking about whole fish>filet.

        1. re: Karl S

          Thanks. Those first five dishes, by the way, are dishes I order at FuLoon a lot and enjoy. I was just trying to branch out.

          1. re: Jolyon Helterman

            This is more for future reference, as it's a very summery dish, but the cold tofu app is out of this world. It's pretty much just cold pressed tofu dressed with sesame oil and a sprinkling of salt, but there is nothing finer to start a meal with on a hot summer night.