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Feb 13, 2013 02:59 PM

Prune Hamentaschen

My dear wife and I got into a debate last night after she went food shopping for hamenstaschen fillings. Are prune hamentaschen (my personal favorite) better made with prune jam or actual prunes? I leave it up to chowhound to validate my position.

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  1. Prune jam / filling of course!

    1. Prune jam. My mother used to make her own jam (Lekvar) using prunes of course.

      1. Do you mean putting a prune itself in as the filling? Interesting idea, but put me in the lekvar camp!

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        1. re: queenscook

          Lekvar all the way! In fact, I wrote a whole blog about "no mun" and an easy way to make the circle hamantashen shape without rolling out the dough. But we also fill with chocolate chips for the kids...

        2. Whole prunes? Was she pulling your leg?

          1. I use the SImon Fischer lekvar, the same as my mother did. However, my friend makes a prune filling from prunes and walnuts that is just amazing. The texture is not nearly as smooth as the lekvar. I have not been able to get the recipe out of her, though.