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Feb 13, 2013 02:21 PM

Counter culture coffee beans...where to buy?

Hi! I'm going to be visiting from Canada this weekend and would love to hoard some Rustico Organic beans from Counter Culture coffee. Would anyone know of coffee shops that sell them?

I'll be staying in the Upper East/Yorkville area so coffee shops close by would be even better. But we'll be walking around so I'm open to anything in Manhattan.


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  1. Quite a few shops in NYC use Counter Culture but not that many sell retail bags. I can't think of any on the UES, but there are two branches of a shop called Everyman Espresso, one on E 13th St, and one on West Broadway near Canal St. Not only do they sell bags, but they make good coffee.
    Some specialty shops also sell the coffee. You might want to contact the Counter Culture NY training center/headquarters and ask about that:

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      Thanks for the link. I am definitely going to pay them a visit

    2. There's a Dean and Deluca specialty store on the UES that should carry some Counter Culture. Best to call ahead.

      I haven't seen the Rustico blend in NY, but they do rotate them.

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        Rustico is one of the most popular espresso roasts that Counter Culture carries. Nearly every shop that uses CC will have Rustico at one time or another.

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          I already said "but they do rotate them".

          It's not consistently on shelves in NY, and that's what the OP needed to be aware of.

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            It is consistently available. It's the standard espresso available at Bikini Bar in TriBeCa, for example, and is almost always available at Everyman Espresso. And most likely the training lab would have some that the OP could take home.

      2. I just picked up Rustico Organic beans at the Dean & Deluca store in Soho a couple of days ago. I suggest checking the roasting dates before buying as they sometimes keep old beans on the shelves.

        My usual go-to place for Counter Culture beans is Everyman Espresso on E 13th St. It typically has a pretty wide selection.

        Other shops where I've seen retail bags in the past include Lucid Cafe (37th and Lex) and Culture Espresso (38th and 6th). Not sure if they always have them though.

        1. Thanks for all the recs! I found them at dean and deluca at UES. I was able to find relatively fresh beans but I had to sift through the shelf because there were some that were roasted way back in December.