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Feb 13, 2013 02:08 PM

Nice restaurant for 6 people

Im looking for a restaurant that works for a large family that likes to share dishes. Places that have worked well in the past include: Zahav, Barbuzzo, Tinto, Amada, and Han dynasty.

The restaurant must either by BYO or have a decent white wine list. Price can be variable as evident by my examples.

I was thinking maybe Amis? How does it compare to other Vetri places? Any other suggestions?

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  1. KooZeeDoo is the first place that comes to mind - it is BYO

    1. Yeah Koo Zee Doo is great for sharing if you guys are down with the menu. The dishes are all pretty heavy, unlike the restaurants you listed.

      1. Buddakan -- big for sharing plates for groups

        1. Amis is currently my favorite Vetri. It's in my 'hood, though, so perhaps I'd feel differently if I lived near Osteria.

          I think it's ideal for sharing dishes. Great pastas, interesting specials, good selection of offal.

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            I actually think that Osteria is better for sharing, especially when you consider the vegetable antipasti, and the pizzas. Also Osteria does half portions of pastas which Amis refuses to do.

            Osteria also has some nicer large tables in their back dining room that are great for groups

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              Osteria is very good for sharing. The only reason Im not considering it is that Ive been there before. I wanted to try somewhere new.


          2. If more tapas are acceptable, you might think about Bar Ferdinand or Jamonera. Both work well for sharing. I'm not sure about the white wine selection, as I don't drink white.

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              I find tapas good for sharing.. lots of small plates.. I would throw Tinto in there as well. Bar Ferdinand would be great as well. Jamonera might feel a bit cramped, as it is smaller than barbuzzo. I still really think Koo Ze Doo would be the best choice .. portion size is really designed for sharing, and the food is quite good.

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                Went to Amada yesterday. I first went in August 2009 and have been 12 times per my "dining" diary. The main thing I noticed yesterday is the continuing trend of smaller portions. You used to get a plate to eat off of that was rectangular, about 3 by 10 inches. The Charcutarie came on a big oval serving plate – covered in meat with about 8 slices of bread. They have new serving dishes, ovals. And now you get your order of meat on the old rectangular “eating” dish, and it is about half of what they used to serve. Four slices of bread and half the size of the old order of meat. But the same price! Jose is cutting corners it looks like since the Amada at Revel is probably tanking along with the casino. A shame to see this place dong this, but since it is mostly tourists no one knows they are getting gypped.