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Feb 13, 2013 01:51 PM

Anyone been to Scarpetta on Park?

Got a pretty favourable review in the Gazette last weekend:

Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm trying to picture exactly where that is. There is a Petro-Canada filling station on the eastern "odd" side of Parc and Mont-Royal.

    I don't think of osso buco as a particularly Sicilian dish - Sicily is a large island, pretty much dead centre in the Med; think more of lamb in terms of earthly creatures in the splendid mix of food cultures in Sicily, especially given the strong Greek and Moorish influences.

    Veal dishes are more typical of Northern Italy, though of course everything is métissé nowadays.

    It sounds interesting.

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      It's a couple of doors north of the gas station, after the language school. It was a pho & karaoke place, then something else (Caribbean perhaps?) before Scarpetta took over.

      1. I went with my husband last weekend. the food was excellent: well prepared, full of flavour and fresh. The prices are very reasonable given the quality of the food as well as the wine prices for both by the glass and bottle ($9-12 for the glass). The decor is chic and they have a bar that fits about 20 people where you can drink and eat if you show up without reservations. The restaurant was full and it looked like everyone there had reservations.

        I would hesitate to go back though because the service needs to be better coordinated. There are about 5 waiters who serve everyone plus one of the owners, so you don't have one specific person taking care of your table. The wait staff is very gracious, but we waited 1 hour between the tapas we ordered as an appetizer and our main courses, while tables beside us were being served their second and third courses. It took us 3 hours to get out of there! They also brought out my dessert before my husband's and we had to ask for his as I think they forgot. They check your coat for you, and while my husband was able to get his coat they couldn't find mine. It turns out that it had been left in a pile on a chair next to the bar 

        1. I live nearby and have eaten here 5-6 times since it opened. Having lived in New York for a while and not personally having a lot of success with Italian food in Montreal, I have to say my first visit I was surprised how good it was, and it remains consistently very good.

          The meatballs and burrata are the two best dishes: If you order both you will not leave disappointed. Grab an affogato for dessert, it is simple but probably the best executed one I've had in Montreal. The staff is really nice and friendly. I will continue going back.