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Feb 13, 2013 01:44 PM

Best Fresh Baked Donuts in NYC?

No, don't even think of mentioning Dunkin'.

There seem to be many "artisan" donuts coming from hipster venues like Williamsburg (LOL!) but I'm unaware of any made under hashgacha.


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  1. I had beignets at Jezebel that were pretty good. Not exactly a donut, but they were fresh, and served with boozy dipping sauces.

    1. I had a fabulous doughnut Sacred Chow recently. It was non-traditional, involving sweet potatoes. Truly fabulous.

      They offer pre-paid Shabbat meals. Useful if you need to spend Shabbos in the Village.

      1. Donut Man of Boro Park, i believe is under hashgacha, on 13th ave at 47th st.

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          Donut Man closed down months ago. The higher rents on 13th Ave are decimating the business there, just like Kosher Delight was also closed down.
          That being said, the donuts weren't that great to begin with. I think that had to do with their being parve though.