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Feb 13, 2013 01:33 PM

Vintage Cave


looks pretty incredible....

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    1. Not much chatter here about Vintage Cave. Any update on what's going on there lately?

      Looks like they've been closed this summer undergoing renovations to the main dining room through August, though their sushi room remains open.

      But I saw these quotes from Honolulu Magazine and Instagram which got me thinking if they're switching things up in the main dining room besides just the decor:

      From Honolulu Magazine, July 20, 2015:
      "Manager Miho Sato says the restaurant is undergoing renovations to the main dining room through at least the end of August. She says the restaurant has not announced who the chef will be when the restaurant re-opens its main dining area."

      From Vintage Cave's instagram about 9 weeks ago:
      "We've made great memories and have truly given blood, sweat, and tears in this endeavor, but it's time for the next chapter. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year!"

      Is the main dining room's menu / concept undergoing fundamental changes or are they just redecorating? It almost sounds as if they're contemplating a chef change? I dunno. My meal there under Chef Mizukami was solid, with the first few courses being the best, but I think they had a lot of potential to reach that next level. In my opinion, they're clearly the top and only real fine dining place in Hawaii.

      I was looking to return in my next trips to Honolulu. Thanks.

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        I'm not sure as well, but I did see something that stated that they were going to have French, Italian, Japanese kaiseki as well as sushi. So they were bringing in 4 different chefs.