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Feb 13, 2013 01:11 PM

best area for foodie in Shanghai?

I'm travelling to Shanghai for the first time. I want to stay somewhere accessible to tourist sites, but it's also nice to be able to eat in the area near the hotel. Are there particular areas in Shanghai that have a high density of chow-worthy restaurants? (Apologies for duplication, I have asked a similar question about Beijing already.)

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  1. I don't think there is such an area. I'd suggest you stay in Puxi, near the Bund or the (former) French Concession. Someone told me there is an area known as the Bermuda Triangle for Expats. But I don't think you want to eat where expats congregate.

    Shanghai has the largest subway network in the world. It's relatively cheap and easy to get around. Taxis are also plentiful and inexpensive.

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      Wouldn't "the Bermuda Triangle for expats" be the area expats disappear mysteriously rather than congregate?

    2. If you stay at the historic Park Hotel, you are just a stroll from two great dumpling shops as well as a very central subway stop....

      I would say do NOT stay in Pudong.

      1. Stay at or around the Puli Hotel or Portman Ritz on Puxi side in Shanghai. Xiao Yang's fried dumplings/ Ding Tai Feng dumplings are short walks and the Lao Ji Shi and the Fu restaurants are 10 minute cab rides away.

        The expat area within the French Concession is around Wulumuqi and Anfu Roads. There are plenty of decent Western restaurants in the area and the closest large hotel chains around here are the Hilton and the newly opened 12 Hengshan (part of Starwood's Luxury Collection). Its a nice place to walk around. If you are in the mood for some French food and pastries, definitely go to Franck's and its newly opened bakery, Farine. Franck's cote de boeuf is delicious. Reservations are essential. Farine's banana chocolate pastry pie is like a mini banoffee tasty!