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Feb 13, 2013 12:54 PM

Cincinnati: Best eats in Northside/Over-the-Rhine

I'll be in town for a weekend in late March and want to know where the tastiest morsels can be found in both Northside and Over-the-Rhine.

Any cuisine, any price point. High brow, low brow. Best lunch, dinner and brunch options. Places that are not to be missed.


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  1. In Northside, I was always a fan of Melt on Hamilton Avenue for sandwiches but especially brunch.

    For Over-the-Rhine, the places that have gotten a lot of buzz have all opened since I've left. But where I know my friends like include The Senate, Abigail Street, and Taste of Belgium. Also while not technically in OTR (but right next to it), visiting the Findlay Market is highly recommended.

    1. Honey, in Northside, does a great brunch. We've been for brunch a few times, and keep meaning to go for dinner as the food is so good, but haven't made it yet. Nice cocktails and a decent wine list, too.

      1. In OTR

        A Tavola has a very nice wood fired pizza. I recommend the house made bacon as a topping

        Senate is just a couple doors down from A Tavola and they have a wonderful Poutine dish

        1. In OTR, my favorites are:

          Quan Hapa - Mostly Asian street food. Momofuku infuenced.

          Mayberry - Gasto Pub, good beers on tap

          A Tavola - get the fig jam / prosciutto pizza

          Taste of Belgium - Waffle and Chicken is great, but the frites are my favorite thing on the menu.

          Also, Findlay Market is my favorite place in the city. Pho Lang Thang is very good Vietnamese.