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Feb 13, 2013 11:51 AM

Driving from Toronto to Muskoka - Dinner ideas?

Hi Folks,

As the title suggests, I'll be driving from Toronto to Muskoka on Friday evening for a nice weekend up north with the girlfriend. I'm hoping to find some good ideas for a place to stop for dinner along the way.

Roughly speaking, the route is from Toronto to Barrie to MacTier to Port Carling. Here is a map of the actual route:

The shorter the detour the better, but I'd be willing to go a bit of course for a really great place.

What kind of restaurant? Casual, but not bar casual, a good pub with quality pub food would be great. Somewhere where we can get a decent meal, probably in the $10-$25 range for mains (i'd be willing to be a bit flexible on the upside, but not too much).

Thanks in advance for all of your help.


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  1. You'll add about 30 mins to your trip by detouring through Midland (Hwy 93 then Hwy 12).
    There are two places worth that detour (both on King Street)
    Lilly's (Italian - sort of with everything home-made)
    Explorers Cafe - borrows from anywhere in the world - great winelist.

    Food is better at Lilly's, but more interesting (albeit more rustic) at Explorers. Both would make my top 10 if in Toronto. (closes 10:00pm

    ) (closes 9:00pm)

    1. Five Guys at Weston and Highway 7, seriously. Right off Highway 400, best food you're gonna get and in your price range, better than any pub burger.

      1. Try the Bass Lake Store about 2-3 k east from old 69 on the way to Bala. Pub food and reasonable.