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Feb 13, 2013 11:47 AM

Fine dining dinner for two in Paris

I am traveling through Europe next month and am ending my trip in Paris where a very good friend of mine lives. He is letting me stay at his place, so as a thank you I would like to take him out for a nice dinner. I am looking to spend 70-100€ per person, wine not included.
I've done some research and have come up with a few places:
L'Atelier de Robuchon
Pierre Gagnaire
Le 39V
Of these, which one is worth the money most? Also, if you have any better suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Your first three come in way over your budget, the latter three l am unfamiliar with. Ones you might consider.
    L'Auberge du 15
    Casa Olympe
    Chez L'Ami Jean.
    l think L'Atelier is your best choice and if you order carefully, you can keep your total down easily, but it will still be over your listed limit.

    1. Sola -- 88 euros, excellent, modern cooking.

      1. Kei is beautiful-very refined atmosphere with service and food to match. I agree with Sola, but with a much more casual atmosphere than Kei..

        1. Since no one has picked up on 39V, my summary was "very nice, refined and pricy." That is, 118.50 E a couple for lunch, I'd guess 50-60% more for a la carte dinner.
          As for the others; at l'Atelier, stools at the counter seems counter to a fine dining setting; my meal at Cobea was very disappointing, I've long given up on Gagnaire & L'Astrance so I guess that leaves Kei which is terrific and fine dining and I rated a 7.9/10 making it #5 in 2011. (Sola was an 8 and #2).

          1. I agree with both Kei and Sola with Kei being more formal.