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Feb 13, 2013 11:45 AM

Calgary - what happened to the little Vietnamese restaurant next to the Uptown Theater on 8th Av downtown?

I believe it was called 'Touch of Ginger' or something like that.

I stopped by the other week to get my fix of lemongrass chicken, only to find out that they are closed and dark!!!??? Does anyone know? I am hoping they relocated and just forgot to put up a sign.

One of my favorite lunch places... :(

I tried a search on the board, but couldn't come up with much...

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  1. It was only ever a tiny family business that was open ever more constricted hours and they closed a few months ago. I think it just ran out of steam- I gave up on them when they would only open 11-1 weekdays, no way for me to make it there. It's too bad- they were in the old Eaton Centre food court until maybe 2001 and I used to pick up dinner there on the way home when I lived downtown 2-3x per week. I thought with a storefront they'd be open more hours but like I say they just cut further and further back.

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      Oh, thanks for the info...

      Too bad - I really enjoyed their food...

    2. Now it's back to Thi Thi which is just not the same as the Chinatown location and when it's not busy the chick pea.