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Feb 13, 2013 11:39 AM

Looking for smoked kippers on Van. Is.

Does any know where I can buy whole smoked kippers on the Island? Years ago in Calgary we could buy whole smoked kippers in plastic packages.
Once in a while I get a 'taste' for them but I can't find them.

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  1. even if you don't come over to the westside --- how about ph this shop in Vanc (on Dunbar, near 41st ave) - they might have some info re: victoria or ... (do you see the smoked kippers on their list - its on the right hand side of the web page

    also -
    there must be a brit theme shop *even a butcher shop - in your neighborhood? - it is amazing what specialty products they have on hand - mine has special sauerkraut from the german heartland of Ontario, for eg

    maybe that would be a lead to your sm kppr

    1. Thriftys always carried Neptune Whole Kippers in their freezer section.

      1. I found a local store that sells frozen smoked kippers. I bought a couple in a plastic bag. Thawed them and poached them. GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
        They were nothing like I remembered. These were completely tasteless and had ZERO texture. No 'smoky' flavor. They had come from Scotland. Never again. Just one of those childhood 'tastes' that is no longer available. At least not around here.