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Feb 13, 2013 11:28 AM

Attention Houston Carnivores

...and seafood lovers. MY HEB on Bunker Hill/I-10 has 7.88 a pound prime strip steaks, plus 8.88 live lobster and 4.50 lobster tails. Prime steaks.

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  1. I should have looked at those. I just got back from there with $24/lb duck breasts. Wow, had no idea. Just trying do do something different tomorrow. Same with my bright idea to make celery root puree to go with it instead of potatoes. $4.50 EACH, without regard to size and the sizes varied greatly. I got the biggest one. I watch for when they put the King Crab legs on 1/2 price sale, which they do often. So tasty.

    PS, check it out, Chow gave us some alphabet avatars. I am a purple L! I think I like it.

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    1. re: Lambowner

      I always troll the meat counter, you never know what great deals are there, and these are good through Tuesday. I'm jealous of you purple avatar, mine seems to be burnt orange, shudder, but Doobs would love it. What color would you call it?

      1. re: James Cristinian

        I would not want it to be burnt orange for you. At all. It could be Republic of Texas orange:

        Republic of Texas Orange Documented back to 1847 near Angleton, Texas. Medium to large round orange. Very flavorful. Very cold tolerant. A sweet flavorful orange. Will grow to be a rather large tree.

        Probably developed in College Station. :)

        1. re: Lambowner

          You are so kind. Actually I'm a U of H Cougar, and before any Cougar High jokes, 30 Nil in Austin, 1976.

            1. re: DoobieWah

              That didn't take long, and I knew, but forgot of that bad beat down. How 'bout those 7.88 prime strips? Oh, are the 'Horns really afraid of the Cougs or is there a legitimate reason for not scheduling us?

              1. re: James Cristinian

                The strip is my least favorite part of the TBone, but $8 for any prime steak is worthy of a purchase and I'm going to stop by my local HEB, (Kirkwood at Westheimer) on my way home tonight. Thanks for the tip.

                As for the Coogs, I seem to be the lone voice calling for them to join the Big 12. The reason most Horns give for dissing UH is over Bleachergate.

                My best ftriend was a Coog and I saw literally hundreds of football and basketball games with him, (including the Flutie Cotton Bowl and the Seattle Final Four).

                He passed away from leukemia just over a year ago.

                As an aside, he is the one who first turned me on to Alamo Tamales and was with me for the first Tamale Crawl in 2011.

                Miss you JimBob.

                1. re: DoobieWah

                  Man, so sorry to hear about JimBob, I actually had that moniker at a previous job in the 80's. I prefer a ribeye over a strip and sometimes HEB does a similar deal, I'll report if I see it. This whole UH Big East thing is already falling apart. I'll tell you something you might find amusing, I was at UH's beatdown of the Aggies in '76 at Rice Stadium, sold out half Coogs half Aggies, I'm smack dab in the middle of Aggie fans with women weeping out loud and Aggie guys jaws dropping. Topical, ever try the rajas or carnitas at Alamo?

                  1. re: James Cristinian

                    The ribeye is my fave.

                    Lately, I've been buying the boneless rib roasts at 99 Ranch for less than $4/lb and cutting my own.

                    They're actually pretty good.

                    (Not Prime, but pretty good.)

                    As for Alamo, I've not had the rajas, but the carnitas and the barbacoa? Oh heck yeah!

              2. re: DoobieWah

                That was in Austin and would have been no worse than 38-10 in Houston. Do the math, over the two games we win by 12 mas o menos. Coogs rule, como siempre. I demand an answer to the strip steak question.

                1. re: James Cristinian

                  What ws the strip steak question?

                  If it was "How they were",

                  See my post below from 2/18.

                  In addition to the one from Sunday, I had another last night.

                  I stopped by Tuesday night and picked up one last thick one which I had intended to cube and use for shish kabob. Since it was raining, I just put a quick rub and broiled it to a perfect medium rare and ate it with my potato salad and Dalmatian beans.

                  It was great. Thanks again.

                  Now if you want to talk footbal and coulda, woulda, shouldas, Texas' all time record against the Coogs is 16-7-2.

                  If they all been played in Austin, it would be like 24-1.


                  1. re: DoobieWah

                    The question was how long to defrost, but Lambowner answered it, as somehow our wires got crossed. You should come over this weekend, the wife is out of town and I'm boiling crawfish in the kitchen, HEB sells them on the weekend. She thinks it's a mess and is generally frowned upon, but I gotta strike while the iron is hot. I can break out an old Betamax of the Coog's glorious victory. Wait, I don't have it, but I do have a bunch of Phi Slamma Jamma, and if you mention NC State I'll put a pox on your computer that will have you, or Samantha calling Dr. Bombay.

                    1. re: James Cristinian

                      Sorry, I missed it.

                      I would take mine out on Friday night and put in the bottom drawer of the fridge, (my meat tray).

                      And if your invite was serious, I really wish I could! Unfortunately, I have professional licensing classes both Sat and Sunday this weekend from early morning to late evening.

                      Would love a raincheck.

                      And if you really do have a Betamax still, I have a copy of Casablanca that I would much rather watch than the Longhorns losing; (I've gotten my fill of that the last couple of years!)

                      1. re: DoobieWah

                        The problem with the crawfish is the wife is out of town now, and it's time to wreck my kitchen. Here's a thought, a crawfish meet up among local 'hounds, any takers and ideas for best crawfish. I just posted Bayou City to an out of town poster, but I never been to any of the Asian places. Ideas folks?


                        1. re: James Cristinian

                          I understand.

                          I was married once.

                          Once. <wink>

                          1. re: James Cristinian

                            Ooh! I'm definitely in! I've been wondering about the Asian places too - never been there either. I do know that I have not enjoyed the giant Chinese buffet type places that happen to serve crawfish. It often seems a kind of add-on thing.

                            I remember doing some research last year before moving here and someone had recommended some places just on the outskirts of town...

        2. Thanks again for the heads-up.

          I bought five altogether and ate one and froze four. And I may go pick up another one or two.

          The one I ate, I pan seared in butter and made a sauce of shallot, sherry and cream.

          Great steak.


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          1. re: DoobieWah

            Eat em up Coogs, When that HEB opened they were selling ribeyes and strips for that price or less, being in the middle of the recession. I read somewhere that Bryan Caswell stocked his freezer with the bargains. I need to defrost some strips for Sunday and I defer to your knowledge. When should I stick it in the fridge? By way, your steaks sound great, I did mine grilled with salt and pepper and they were excellent, but for me adventuresome is adding butter, lemon, and a drop of Lea and Perrin. Again, for Sunday when to defrost?

            1. re: James Cristinian

              We are having these strip steaks tonight. Thanks for the tip, James! Take the steaks out the day before and defrost overnight in the fridge.

              1. re: Lambowner

                Many thanks. I have a friend who once defrosted a pack of chicken thighs outside in the middle of the summer, and thought nothing was wrong about it. I obviously bring my own food when we grill at his place.

          2. They're back and cheaper, 6.97 a pound.