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Feb 13, 2013 11:10 AM

Monkeypod Kitchen at Ko Olina Station

Newly opened "casual and stylish" eatery by Peter Merriman got rave reviews from Nadine Kam in the morning paper today. Sounds like something worth the drive...any reports from the hounds?

Also mention of attractive take-out and fresh produce at Island Country Market (by ABC Stores) in the same complex...could provide some nice options besides resort fare.

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  1. The menu looks very similar to the one in Maui, which I've eaten at several times... if the execution is on the same level, the food is pretty tasty (though there are some duds on the menu), but overall it's slightly overpriced. I don't think it's worth a long drive if you are coming from Honolulu.

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    1. re: kathryn

      +1 on the "overpriced".

      $17 for Pete's Classic Burger
      $18 for Fresh Island Fish Sandwich
      $ 6 for Kula Broccoli

      What? $17 or $18 for a sandwich and no side? C'mon, man.

      I will say, the food was good, the service was prompt and friendly, their rent can't be cheap, space is very nice. Make reservations and request to eat outside, it gets a little loud inside.

      1. re: ladybugthepug

        looks good, but yes - expensive

        Let's see:

        a burger at Tiki's is $12, a fish sandwich is also $12
        at Mariposa the Burger is $15, a fish sandwich $17
        Duke's Waikiki $12 & $12
        Gordon Biersch: what a terrible website
        Yard House Waikiki: $13 & $11
        Wolfgang's Steakhouse didn't list prices, but someone told me it was in the $15/$16 range - hearsay
        The Counter, Kahala: Burger $9-$12, no fish.
        Merriman's Waimea, Hawaii Island: $12 & $14.
        Nico's: Burger $9, fish sandwich $11

        all of the above are the lunch menu prices, rounded to the nearest dollar.

        1. re: KaimukiMan

          ...and I'm sure some those sandwiches come with fries or something. I would have got their fries but they were like $5 or $6! C'mon man, help a brother out!

          1. re: ladybugthepug

            some do, many don't. i found the price high enough to go look up the competition, and it appears there is none.

            The burgers at honolulu burger Co. range from $7-$14, but the $14 burger is a triple. I guess no one staying at Ko Olina is expecting any bargains.

            I did a little more googling, found the following: The burgers at Rare in New York run about $15, although you can get a lobster burger for $23 and a lamb burger for $17. At the 21 Club, also NYC the 21 burger - which does include fries, comes in at $32.

            In San Francisco, the Burger Bar at Macy's has a range from $10 - $17, the upper end are an "American Kobe" Burger - which of course can't be real Kobe but Wagu or Buffalo also at $17. Their gourmet burgers run from $15 to $22. Alas I have lead a sheltered life, I've never had a burger with a red-wine shallot reduction on the side. I'm sure it must be amazing. They also serve a $22 jalapeƱo burger.

            I guess we are just being brought into the modern age after all.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              and according to chow what may be the best burger in NYC is $9.95, a long way below $17