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Feb 13, 2013 10:13 AM

Park Ave Grille Freehold/Farmingdale area (732 431 3410 phone )

Just had a lovely lunch at Park Ave Grille. First time there and was quite pleased! It is located on business 33 across from Foodtown not sure if this is Freehold or Farmingdale. It you are in the area in need of breakfast/lunch it is an imaginative menu diner type food but really well done. I had a salad spinach, feta, romaine and cucumbers with grilled chicken ginger sesame dressing. It was really good! Hubby had sausage and biscuits with gravy and delicious potatoes with onions really good also.. I had a taste or two! Coffee was really fresh and service was delightful. Friends had gone there for lunch and breakfast and recommended it to us. Nice place if in the area. I liked the different menu items not same old boring stuff. Will be back!

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  1. There have been a few reviews of this place on Chow over the years. The place is good/decent but the biggest problem has been trying to find it's identity.

    It started out trying to be a fine dining seafood restaurant as Park Ave. Seafood. It wasn't bad back then but it just never took off and became more a banquet hall and bar more than a fine seafood restaurant.

    Then it's gone through a few more "phases".....I haven't been in a while but would have no reason not to check back. I did like the raw bar they had when they first opened...that is long gone.

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      You're thinking of the place next door...Park 33 (which used to be Park Ave Bistro and had a different name before that). The OP's joint is the diner next door.

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        Well then looks like I stand corrected! So if anyone wants to go next door to the OP's place than listen to your old friend Jr!

        (Thanks for the correction jsfein!)

      1. We have eaten there several times without disappointment. However if I remember correctly, they don't accept credit/debit cards, so be prepared to pay cash.