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Feb 13, 2013 09:32 AM

What to get at Henry's in Beverly?

Was heading up there today and have never been so wondering what is recommended for prepared food etc. Is it anything like Wilson Farms? thanks!

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  1. well, i didnt get there yet so still time for anyone to answer! I guess Henrys isnt as popular as Wilsons, given the lack of response. I did notice a love affair with the place on yelp..

    1. I'm not that impressed with Henry's. Yes, they have a great selection and everything sounds delicious, but I think their food is lacking in flavor.

      Granted I haven't been there is sometime, but they don't hold that much appeal for me. Perhaps, things have changed. I also find them pricey especially when I get something home and it's just so-so.

      But let us know what you found to be good. I might give it another try.

      1. I went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, after hearing so much about it. It's a medium size homey supermarket, with some of the same offerings as a Market Basket,and some specialty brands.

        The produce did not look that great. They had a lot of prepared items, take home meals; and a good sized bakery. I was tempted by the Black and White Cookies but they only came in packages of 4.

        So, you might want to check it out, but I wouldn't make it a destination.

        1. They are known for their pot pies, apparently. I agree that they are very pricey, but if you're a prepared-foods person (which I'm not) they have a lot of options.

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            Well, went today finally and i can see why it doesnt show up here much. The people working there seemed very very nice and it is a homey place with real new england feel but i just couldnt bring myself to pay over 5 bucks for a candybar, $9 for mashed potatoes or 22 for a veggie lasagna....Produce looked like a typical grocers with a few extra selections.. We had their carrots tonite and they were good and we got a small blueberry pie that wasnt really up our alley.. but we only had time for a quick visit so will maybe try again.. esp to try other bakery items to see if we fare better.

          2. I love their chicken salad (pate style, not chunky), and my husband loves their chicken pot pie. It's convenient in that they have both "regular" groceries, specialty foods, and a large selection of store-made, high quality prepared food. I haven't been to Wilson Farms, so I can't compare.