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Feb 13, 2013 09:08 AM

New Asian restaurant in Hartsdale

So Gong Don Tofu restaurant opening in the TJ Maxx shopping center on Central Ave. Google shows many restaurants with that name in other states, one in New Jersey. Any info?

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    1. Not open, signs in the window and when the door is open you can see that they are fixing up. This is on the Town of Greenburgh website:
      Case No. PB 12-18 So Gong Dong Tofu House, 411 Central Park Avenue North (Dalewood Shopping Center), Hartsdale, N.Y. – Special Permit (Restaurant) & Shared Parking Reduction
      A public hearing to discuss a special permit (restaurant) application and shared parking reduction request for a proposal to convert a 1,833 sq. ft. vacant retail space (formerly occupied by “By the Yard Fabric”) located in the Dalewood Shopping Center, into a 56 seat restaurant. The applicant proposes fourteen (14) tables each with four (4) seats. At present, 286 parking spaces exist on the site and 303 parking spaces would be required. The applicant is requesting a shared parking reduction of sixteen (16) spaces to reflect the additional parking spaces required by changing the retail use (1-parking space per 200 sq. ft.) to a restaurant use (1-parking space per 75 sq. ft.). The property consists of approximately 131,551 sq. ft. and is situated on the west side of Central Park Avenue North approximately 500 ft. from the intersection of Fieldstone Drive and Central Park Avenue North. The property is located in the CA Central Avenue Mixed-Use Impact District and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.150-96-5.

      1. Is that a Korean restaurant? I know others with similar names are Korean.

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          Looks like So Gong Dong Tofu is a soondubu chain similar to BCD Tofu House. There's one in Palisades Park NJ.

        2. Saw this on the HMart ad board. I drove by it and the signs outside say they'll open on May 22.

          Found this site as well:

          1. Hi. The grand opening is this week (May 20th) I will surely post some news after visting and eating some of their natural tofu.

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            1. re: abpan

              What's with "natural tofu"? Other than a few incidents in China a few years ago, do we even have access to fake tofu?