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Feb 13, 2013 09:01 AM

Philly 'Hound in town for two days


Need some suggestions for a 2 day stay in SF. First time in this city. Mid April. I'll have my wife and 4yr old daughter with me. My daughter will eat just about anything (I'm a cook and have been ensuring that!) and is VERY well behaved in restaurants.

I'll be looking for Lunch and Dinner (casual) on Wednesday, then the same meals for Thursday. Would like to go all out for dinner Thurs. Price is no option, but I have no need to spend just for the sake of it. Will probably have time for Breakfast on Friday as well before hitting the road for Sand Diego.

We'll eat anything, but mostly want to see what the city does best. ( need to go to a steakhouse, we have them here at home and I spend 50hrs. a week working at one!)

We're staying close to Fisherman's wharf, and will not have a car until leaving town on Friday. Would love some opinions on:

Dim Sum (have never had a real dim sum experience)
Flour + Water
Slanted Door

..Sure these are probably the just the places that the out of towners know for whatever reasons....but that's me..and out of towner.


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  1. Hi, your list is a bit dated. This question is asked repeatedly.
    Try reading and contributing to this thread.

    1. Hi Phil

      I think the "dated" comment is true for Boulevard and Jardiniere, which are not bad but nothing exciting. It appears that you know not to look for good eats in the Fisherman's Wharf area...

      Here's a couple ideas...

      For Dim Sum, take the Muni F line or a long walk along the Embarcadero and do lunch at Yank Sing in Rincon Center (accessible really good dim sum, but not at Chinatown prices), then take a walk over to the Ferry Building and look around and have a coffee and dessert somewhere like Frog Hollow/Blue Bottle/Miette/BlackJet and/or Boulette's Larder.

      For your tourist taste of Chinatown, take a walk down Grant and have an egg tart from Golden Gate Bakery (if they're open) and then shop for and try some great tea at Red Blossom.

      For additional contemporary Italian places like Flour + Water and Incanto, instead of going to the Mission District try Cotogna (lunch or dinner - reserve asap) or Quince (this is the related, much more formal dinner spot), Perbacco or Barbacco (all of which are fairly close to the Wharf), La Ciccia (Sardinian; located in a further neighborhood) or local pizza places like Tony's (have a walk around North Beach area, which is adjacent to the Wharf area).

      Maybe instead of Slanted Door (which is still good, but is pricey and loud), try Lers Ros on Hayes for authentice/creative Thai food.

      Some newer popular spots you may like: Rich Table, AQ, State Bird Provisions (dim sum style service), Sons and Daughters, Crenn, Saison, Benu...

      When you are not behind the stoves, you should read a few more comments on this board to see what's new, and let us know if you have more questions.

      1. I would say of those I enjoy both Incanto and Flour + Water. Flour + Water is an older mainstay. There's also Cotogna and Locanda. (and occasional mentions of SPQR).

        I'd knock out Slanted Door, Jardieniere, and Boulevard.

        Agreed with Yank Sing on Dim Sum.

        I like the suggestion of Quince to replace the Jardineire/Boulevard type restaurant. I prefer Quince over Atelier Crenn.

        For very pricey/formal (though in CA service is always slighlty laid back) there's Benu or Saison.

        In addition to the other recs for CA innovative food (e.g. Rich table) Nopa is one to consider.

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        1. re: goldangl95

          I'm not sure what you mean by older mainstay, Flour + Water's the newest place on that list.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            *shrug* in my head in the Cal-Italian category - the buzz for Flour + Water seems to be fading. Not that that means a corresponding drop in quality of the food (it's been a few months since I've eaten there last but really enjoyed that meal).

            1. re: goldangl95

              People are still regularly waiting two hours or lining up an hour before opening, which I find crazy given that they take reservations.