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Feb 13, 2013 08:57 AM

Andouille sausage question.

I have never cooked with andouille sausage before. I want to make Red Beans and Rice using CI's recipe. I was surprised they don't have you brown the sausage before adding it to the beans. Is this the usual preparation? How about when using in other dishes?

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  1. I choose to brown them, regardless if the recipe says so or not. I just prefer that touch of crispy browness plus the delicious fond in the pan.

    1. As pine time said you can brown them if you like. Since the C.I. Recipe calls for browning Bacon first and sweating the Trinity in the fat. You can brown the Sausage before you saute the Veg. The recipe calls for cutting the Andoullie into "halved lengthwise and cut into 1/4-inch slices" I would suggest cutting them much thicker 1" especially if you are browning first.

      1. I brown mine first and the bit of fat rendered is used for sauteeing the vegetation. Seems the CI recipe uses bacon for the same.

        Incidentally, I started making RB&R using bacon. Then I tried a ham hock. Never looked back.

        Simmer the hock in the beans until it falls apart (about 2.5hrs). Remove, cool and strip the meat off. Add the meat back.

        Also, I'm not sure if your recipe calls for it but the trick in a lot of recipes is to smash some of the beans against the side of the pot. It releases starch that thickens the broth. If you do it right, it's nice and velvety.


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          Thank you all. I am leaning towards browning them. Maybe I'll do some of both since I am not familiar with andouille. lol. Davwud, I use ham hocks for pintos. Great flavor.

        2. I just made RB&R recently in the slow cooker. 2 smoked ham hocks in the pot for the whole cook and added browned andouille for the last 45 minutes. Take out the hocks and separate all the meat and throw it back in the pot. Don't use canned beans! The best I've ever had!

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            Sounds wonderful! Yes, no canned beans. :-)

          2. Well, this was disappointing. I don't know if it was the recipe, the sausage (Johnsonville) or maybe I am not a RB & R person. I followed the recipe but also browned an additional 8 oz. sausage, sliced into rounds, in a separate skillet. Added only after tasting the original. Also used some of the liquid to deglaze the skillet so I could add more flavor. I'll use ham hocks the next time. Thanks again to everyone who replied.

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              I'll be trying ham hock with my next pot of beans! Yum

              The only other suggestion I have to use andouille from a butcher or Whole Foods. It could really make a difference.

              I haven't read the recipe from CI (which I normally like), but maybe compare theirs to others?

              1. re: pagesinthesun

                Yes, I will look for andouille at Fresh Market to try sometime. Not much in the way of butcher shops and certainly no WF here. A comparison is definitely in order. I just thought CI was a good place to start. Thanks for the suggestions.

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                  I find a basic smoked sausage sauteed and sprinkled with some Cajun seasoning is a decent substitute.


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                    This may inadvertently be the most helpful to me. While I love a good smoked sausage occasionally, I have a feeling the best andouille isn't going to wow me or tempt me to make RB & R again soon. Too many other dishes to get excited about trying. Meantime, I have this large bowl of beans in my fridge.....

                    1. re: MrsJonesey

                      the best andouille will beg you to split it, grill it, then serve it on a crusty french roll with shredded lettuce and a cajun remoulade.