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Feb 13, 2013 08:50 AM

Quick bite near Ken Cinema?

Headed to a 7:30 show at the Ken Cinema. Any good quick eats nearby?

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  1. Ponce's for Mexican and Burger Lounge are pretty quick and good eats.

    Bleu Boheme and Kensington Grill are good, but I wouldn't classify them as "quick".

    1. Burger Lounge, or further down the road, Blind Lady Ale House would be my two picks. Bar at Kensington Grill would also be a good consideration.

      1. Bleu Boheme is great food, but not quick. You can sit at the bar for faster service, but it's not fast food by any definition.

        Stopping at the Blind Lady on your drive in would be another recommendation, but not if you're looking to park near the Ken and grab something before you walk in.

        I guess I just talked myself into your third recommendation for Burger Lounge. Hah!

        1. Jayne's Gastropub is just south of Adams on 30th. It's not really a quick type of place, but you could eat at the bar and the food is soooo good.