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Feb 13, 2013 08:27 AM

Recs needed for 5th, 6th, 7th Arre. in Paris for May

We will be staying in an apartment on the border of the 6th & 7th for 9 days in May. Looking for recs for cafes, bistros, restaurants that provide innovative food for good value. Would like to stay within 15 min cab ride of our neighborhood. Top limit should be 25-35E per person (preferably fixed price). Prefer French, Italian, Mediterranean, seafood (moules et frites!), Eastern European style food but Chinese, Spanish OK. Don't do very spicy food (a little zing is OK).

Also looking for recs for markets, grocery stores, bakeries, boulangeries, special food stores near corner of Rue de Grenelle & Blvd Raspail. Thanks much!

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  1. As there have been innumerable posts on your subject, it might be wise to research them and then ask more specific questions. l would rarely use a cab in Paris as traffic is tough and the metro system is seamless.
    At your intersection is Barthelemy, one of the best fromagers in Paris, or at least one of the most expensive.

    1. OK, I am not finished researching, but how about Le Florimond or Mariette Restaurant for a 45E fixed price special meal? We always like to have one "splurge" dinner.

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        As Paris is not Ohio, 45 Euros for a 'splurge' seems low. The restos l go to in Paris for a nice meal, not Michelin but nice, seem to average 65 euros or so pp. One of my current favorites of a chef driven style is Saturne where dinner not counting cheese, which should not be missed there, or wine will set you back 60 euros pp.
        Large quantities of excellent bistro fare are available at a small table very close to your neighbors at Chez Denise. Non prix fixe but an entree to share , a plat each, and a dessert to share, with a bottle of their wonderful house brouilly will come in at around 110 euros for the couple.
        As stated on this board many times, to set yourself a limit of money spent may preclude you from enjoying things in Paris you may never experience again. You will not miss the odd thousand or so, but your memories will be missing if you skimp.

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          Totally agree with DCM, as I often do, down to the choice of Saturne.
          45 euro is the budget for a good meal - usually lunch menu - in a low-to-moderately priced restaurant, and one would have to watch the wine, etc. Splurge is something else. For example, when Mario at Chez l'ami Jean asked us if we wanted Jégo to "take care" of us, instead of our ordering from the carte, without asking for the price we said yes as though hypnotized, and we end up paying for a 50 euro (or 55?) dégustation menu. Wine on top. No big drinkers, we end up paying about 65 euro per person. Quite like the Saturne price point.

          When you are in Paris, try to enjoy the dining experience without having to "watch" stuff. One does not have to spend hundreds in a starred place, as my examples above show, but trying to keep the budget at 25-35 euro is self-defeating.

          One restaurant that comes close to the OP's budget AND has great food is Dans Les Landes, where Ptipois and I ate recently for 20 euro/person for a wine-less lunch. Here comes the string of contextual qualifiers:
          - We shared a sucession of tapas and two desserts for our party of 4.
          - We were not in pigout mood, nor were we dieting, not at all. Hope this gives you a concept.

          One way to gérer the budget is to have one snacky non-meal and one real meal a day. With the kind of good meals like the restos I gave as example, you need time distance to absorb your experience. Cramming two such meals a day means enjoying less, not more.

          The market question has been repeated so much that I am sure it is god's punishment to make us the board regulars to write out 500 times the same thing every week.
          You can easily search this board for markets like Maubert and Raspail ands their dates and hours, and food shops, cheese shops, pastry shops, bakeries of the arrondissements you are interested in. Please help us help you. Bon séjour.

      2. We had dinner on our 1st trip to Paris at L'Ptit Troquet near the Eiffel Tower. Is it still good value? I understand it has changed owners?

        1. I think one of the best values is at L'Epi Dupin. I've always enjoyed the food there and I think the cost was about €35 or per person last time we were there. Book ahead - it's usually full. You'll be able to walk there.

          1. One of our favorite dinners last November was enjoyed in our apartment from savory items we purchased at Gerard Mulot. And VERY affordable, too! Their desserts are quite delicious as well.