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Feb 13, 2013 08:25 AM

Jambalaya - But Where?

I'm hankering for jambalaya, that tasty Cajan/Creole mainstay, but don't know where to satisfy my lust for this deliciously zippy dish. My regular stop for it used to be Zee's, a good fish/seafood joint on Mount Pleasant Rd., but it's no longer on the menu, for some inexplicable reason (probably having to do with no one besides me ordering it). Southern Accent has it, if I recall, but I find that that Markham St. spot's better days are behind it - though if some discriminating nosher has indulged in its jambalaya recently, and found it up to snuff, kindly report. I'm prepared to reconsider. Otherwise, I'm adrift. Anyone know where to get a respectable jambalaya anywhere in the GTA?

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  1. Harlem is fairly decent. I wouldn't say it's the best, but it would definitely fix a craving.

    1. Caveat: It's been at least a year since I've been there...

      There's an etobicoke restaurant called New Orleans tucked away in a plaza on Scarlett Road that served a fabulous Jambalaya (for two) - comes in a cast iron pot, and really, can feed four! It appears to be a local secret, is usually packed, and requires a reservation to get a table in this small resto.

      1. Billy Jack's Po Boy's at Islington and Bloor has it on the menu. I went there once just after it opened and had a Po Boy. It was good but on totally the wrong bread.

        Had a nice long talk wtih the owner and he seems to want to do a good job.

        Might be worth a shot.


        1. I love the jambalaya at Hot House Cafe.

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            Thanks for the tips. I know Harlem's version - "fairly decent" is an accurate description of its jambalaya. But the other nominations are new to me, and intriguing enough to be worth a try. Never heard of New Orleans or Billy Jack's, and know Hot House Cafe only by its rep, which is solid for a joint with a vast menu. I'll be touching down at all three within the next few months - or as long as my zest for jambalaya remains. The best I've tasted in the past year was at Black Beans in Port Hope, Ont., when I happened to be out that way. But I have no urge to drive an hour and change in lousy weather for a repeat visit at that worthy place. I'll stick with the three GTA suggestions posted here. Though further nominations are welcome, naturally.

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                If you're interested for comparison's sake Rally Sports Bar on O'Connor (East York) also makes it. I thought it was decent, not amazing. They do serve it over the rice rather then the rice being part of it, but I think that is pretty standard here. They use chorizo, shrimp and chicken, and lots of it. My biggest complaint was the rice which was soggy.

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