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Feb 13, 2013 08:12 AM

Dinner near Mandell Theater - Tomorrow!

We realized today that the show we're seeing is not in center city, but at the Mandell Theater.

Any recommendations for a casual pre-theater dinner within walking distance of 32nd and Chestnut?

It's Valentine's Day... arrrgh... We're hoping we may be able to get something since we'll be dining early (around 6-6:30).


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  1. Tria 31st and walnut is casual dining.. cheese meats drinks and salads and desserts.

    JG Domestic, Jose Garces restaurant in the Cirra center has tables open. It would be about a five minute walk to where you are going (area is currently a mess due to construction).

    1. Right across the bridge, Erawan Thai at 23rd and Sansom is pretty good. 15min walk max. Closer, the Barbeque place at 34th and Sansom isn't bad either. Both very casual and doubt they will be booked up for V-day.

      1. There are also Penne across from the Annenberg at 36th and Walnut and Pod at 36th and Sansom.

        1. Thanks to all. This gives us plenty of choice!